How do BDI Resourcing help our candidates?

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At BDI Resourcing, we feel that our candidates are our most important asset which is why we try to take as much of the burden as possible when it comes to their international relocation. It’s difficult to fully explain our service as it is so expansive, however the following outlines some of the ways that BDI Resourcing can help you:


  • GMC registration tends to be the most difficult stage of any doctors’ relocation to the UK. We have guided so many doctors through this process that it has become second nature to us. If you need help with preparations for your IELTS test then we will put you in touch with a professional tutor who can help. If you need assistance with preparations for your PLAB or Postgraduate Qualifications then we can recommend some excellent resources and some of the best revision courses available in the market. Whatever your situation then let us know and we are on hand to advise.


  • When it comes to making applications, we will speak directly to Lead Consultants, Clinical Directors and Departmental Managers on your behalf, ensuring that your CV is reviewed directly by a clinician. Direct applications are often disregarded by an administrator before they reach departmental review, particularly where job adverts refer to previous NHS experience being required. Our network of NHS clients enables us get your CV in front of more potential employers than anyone else.


  • Rather than filling in numerous lengthy applications we will speak directly with our vast network of clients to explain your situation. Our in depth knowledge of our roles means that we won’t waste your time with vacancies that aren’t going to suit you in the long run. We’re often amazed at the sheer volume of applications that candidates make directly before they are considered for an interview – we will relieve that time considerably.


  • Many of the roles that we recruit to won’t be found anywhere else and aren’t being advertised right now. It might surprise you to learn that there are so many posts within the NHS that are currently filled with agency locums or aren’t being advertised currently because the department have exhausted several adverts in the past and decided they can’t fill their post. This is often where international candidates can excel the most and where an agency will be able to help you find posts that are less competitive.


  • The team at BDI Resourcing have years of experience and understanding of the NHS and each individual specialty. We want to know what your research interests and sub-specialties are in order to locate the perfect role for you to continue your professional development. There are huge differences in terminology and methodology for international departments when compared with the NHS. Our understanding ensures that you have the best chance of securing the right post.


  • BDI Resourcing understand that your international move is about so much more than the job you secure. Of course that is incredibly important however we put equal emphasis on the long term considerations like your career goals, your family situation, the kind of hospital you want to work in and the sort of area that you would like to live in. We recognise that it is important to get the right balance between your professional preferences and your personal preferences.


  • The NHS has a fairly rigid salary structure so it may surprise you to learn that there can be areas to negotiate in order to secure you the best possible package. In particular, relocation packages are an excellent way to take reduce some of the hassle of your international move. We’ve been able to secure some excellent offerings including flights, luggage shipping, airport transfers, visa costs covered and even GMC registration covered for the first year. Whatever your situation, we’ll work hard to ensure that you get the most from your post.


Are you currently considering a move to the UK? Have you already started registering with the GMC or studying for your IELTS? We want to hear from you! Use the ‘Find out more…’ box on the right hand side of this page to sign up for regular updates and to see how BDI Resourcing can help you.

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