Applying for GMC Registration

GMC Registration is one of the final stages in the process for most international doctors. This stage of the process can be significantly quicker if you are prepared with all of the right documents. This post explains the registration process from start to finish so that you can start preparing early and obtaining the right documents.

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Once you have completed your postgraduate qualification plus IELTS or passed your PLAB2, you will be eligible to make an online application for GMC registration. The first step is to create or login to your GMC Online account.

Once you have created or logged in to your online account, you have the opportunity to fill out a GMC application form which consists of eight sections:

  1. Internship details – which should match up exactly with the dates and specialisms on your internship certificate.
  2. Personal details – which should match up to your personal documents (passport etc).
  3. Professional Experience – covering the last 5 years with no gaps. The dates should correlate exactly with your employers references and any gaps in employment (sabbatical, maternity, holiday, career break) should also be explained. Any gaps will be questioned and require additional evidence to be provided.
  4. Current Registration and Licensing – give the details of the corresponding Medical Licencing Body for the country in which you are practicing. This should correlate with certificates of good standing.
  5. Fitness to Practice – a fairly simple health declaration which should be filled out honestly of course.
  6. Fitness to practice – a criminal record declaration which should be filled our honestly again.
  7. Declaration – a statement confirming that you agree to adhere to the regulations set out by the GMC
  8. Payment – currently charged at £425

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Once your online application is complete, the GMC should contact you within 5 working days to request copies of the following documents (try and ensure that they are clear, high quality copies in PDF format):

  1. Passport / Right to Work documents
  2. Primary Medical Degree Qualification Certificate
  3. Certificates of good standing
  4. Evidence of your knowledge of English Language skills (IELTS certificates or otherwise)
  5. Evidence of your internship
  6. Employer reference form

The above documents should be sent across within 28 days of request otherwise you’ll be refunded the £425 and need to start your application all over again

Once submitted, the GMC will review your documents and let you know if any additional evidence is required. Once they are satisfied with everything, you will be invited to attend an ID check in person at one of the GMC offices in either Manchester or London.

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It is advisable to book an ID check early in the process as you do not need to wait until you have all of your documents or your application has been completed and the dates are booked up a long way in advance. You will only have three months from your successful application to complete the check otherwise you need to apply again. If you are confident that you have (or expect to have) all of the necessary documents very soon then get an appointment booked as you can always rebook or swap your dates with someone else.

The ID check can be booked via the same portal used to make your application (GMC Online) via the ‘My Appointments’ section.

At the ID check itself, you will be asked to take along your Passport and forms of ID and the GMC will also take a photograph and copy of your signature to keep on record. They may also request other documents if you have been asked to provide further evidence to the GMC – the exact requirements will be outlined to you at the point you are invited to your ID check. IELS certificates are not usually requested however if you have used any form of equivalence or exemption then expect these to be requested. Other than that you will need to sign a couple of forms and everything will be completed in around 20 minutes. Once complete you will be added to the list of registered medical practitioners and officially GMC Registered!

If you would like to know more about GMC Registration then please feel free to contact one of the team at BDI Resourcing who will be happy to help via info@BDIresourcing.com

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