CoS Update

Certificate of Sponsorship Update

Good news for IMG’s who are waiting to get their CoS approved! In recent months there has been a major CoS crisis because of the government’s limit on the number of CoS allocations, part of their way to manage migration into the UK. Consequently, thousands of CoS applications have been turned down.

However, things are now looking up. In March 2018, there were only 1,344 allocations granted with a point score of at least 56 required. But, this month (April 2018) the point score has reduced by 10, meaning applications would be successful if they scored at least 46 and the allocations granted increased to 2,193 in April. Therefore, there has been a huge increase of 63.1% in allocations between April and March. We are hopeful that as the Home Office work through the backlog of previous rejections the points required will continue to drop.

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