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In recent months there has been a major CoS crisis because of the government’s limit on the number of CoS allocations, part of their way to manage migration into the UK. As a result, only certain prioritised applications have been granted such as those on the shortage occupation list, Ph.D. level occupations, and cases where the salary doesn’t meet certain thresholds.

In April 2018, there were 2200 CoS allocations set aside, however, unfortunately, this number reduced in May’s allocation to 1,975. Whilst the point score in April was 46, it increased in May to 51 meaning a minimum of £55,000 salary was required for acceptance outside of the shortage occupation list.

Although this month saw the number of allocations decrease and the point score increase – to compare to previous months there has been a severe fluctuation in each month’s allocation and minimum point score. Therefore, it is imperative to remember that just because this month’s point score was higher, next month’s may not be.

Our fundamental advice to IMG’s during this time: if you have received a job offer, your hospital has applied for your CoS and you are waiting on a decision – DO NOT apply to other NHS positions in hope your CoS will be granted with multiple applications. It is important to note that the UK Home Office does not grant CoS applications based on individual names, they simply allocate it determined on your grade and salary. Thus, by applying for more than one CoS it will not increase your chances of getting one granted – it will reduce it as there will be more CoS applications.

  • If you are an IMG who wants to relocate to the UK and work for the NHS then send your CV to apply@bdiresourcing.com – and one of our Specialist Advisers will be happy to guide and support you through your journey to the UK. We look forward to hearing from you!
  • Alternatively, head over to our Facebook Group: IMG Advisor for an online support network of IMG’s who want to relocate to the UK.

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