NHS Options for IMGs


source url Here at BDI Resourcing we always asked what the different routes of relocating to the UK and working for the NHS are. We, therefore, wanted to visually simplify the process for you by creating a flowchart explaining the different routes.

The three options are:

  1. Postgraduate Medical Qualification
  2. PLAB
  3. Medical Training Initiative

If you are an IMG who is interested in relocating to the UK and working for the NHS then send your CV to apply@bdiresourcing.com – and one of our Specialist Advisers will be happy to help you.


4 thoughts on “NHS Options for IMGs

  • i wish to know more about specialist and GP training options and employability in the UK. currently undergoing M.Sc. Sports and Exercise Medicine in London. My background is M.B.B.S. from India.

  • Hi Team,
    Could you please guide on training jobs in Obs n Gyne. Background about me, I’m a doctor from India and have 5 years of experience in OnG. I’ve done my MBBS and M.S. (Obs n Gyne) from India and have a full registration in the UK achieved via sponsorship route of MTI from RCOG and will be joining the post in Aug.

    Also, I’ve cleared MRCOG Part 1 and will be writing Part 2 in July this year.


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