Tier 2 visa cap lifted tomorrow

What is happening?

Reports reveal that the home secretary will announce tomorrow an easing of the current Tier 2 visa restrictions on foreign doctors and nurses coming to work within the NHS.

Sajid Javid will also disclose reforms to allow other thousands of highly-skilled migrants to come to Britain under the Tier 2 visa system in a concession from Theresa May. This means that businesses and employers will be able to recruit each year an extra 8,000 skilled migrants, including IT experts, engineers and teachers.

The relaxation of the rules, which effectively increases the cap by 40%, comes after a cabinet campaign to change the Prime Minister’s mind.

The data reveals that 90 of the 97 applications by Consultant doctors for the Tier 2 visas over the five-month period were approved but only 733 of 2,341 applications for registrars succeeded.

This policy change will represent Mr Javid’s first major migration policy and indicates that ministers are now prepared to project Britain as a more global country, open to business from beyond the EU after Brexit.

What does this mean for IMG’s?

After the cap is lifted tomorrow, this means that all doctors and nurses will be on the shortage occupation list – regardless of your speciality.

Therefore, if your CoS has been applied for before the 5th of July – it should be allocated within the next month and then you can then proceed to apply for your visa and be on track to start your new position within the NHS after all your hard work and dedication!

If you are an IMG who is interested in relocating to the UK and working for the NHS send your CV to apply@bdiresourcing.com – and one of our Specialist Advisers will be happy to help you.

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6 thoughts on “Tier 2 visa cap lifted tomorrow

  • Hi
    So this means imgs don’t have to worry about cos issues and can apply for any specialty and not nescessarily shortage occupation jobs .

    • Hi Subi,

      Thanks for your comment!

      That is correct yes. But please note that the media has reported there will be a time-limit on the government’s lift on tier 2 visa’s.


      BDI Resourcing

    • Hi Eyd,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Reports reveal that from tomorrow, the easement on the visa cap is for international doctors and nurses.
      However, claims also state that Sajid Javid will reform the visa system “to allow thousands more highly-skilled migrants to come to Britain…Businesses and employers will be able to recruit each year an extra 8,000 skilled migrants, including IT experts, engineers and teachers”.
      We therefore hope that this will be the case for Dentists too!


      BDI Resourcing

    • Hi Dr Raja,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Unfortunately, at this stage we cannot say whether June’s allocations will be impacted.

      However, when this information is released we will be sure to keep you all updated.


      BDI Resourcing

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