UK Home Secretary will review Tier 2 Visa System

Sajid Javid, the UK’s Home Secretary has confirmed that he will review the visa system for highly skilled professionals after the rising criticism that is keeping out thousands of foreign doctors from entering the UK and working within the NHS.

Between December and March more than 6,000 visa applications were turned down from workers including doctors, IT specialists and scientists. The British Medical Association has warned that the “arbitrary” cap for non-EU workers entering the UK was inexplicable and was “threatening patient care and safety”.

The maximum monthly limit was reached for the fifth month in a row in April and no one earning under £50,000 a year was offered a visa. Many employers, including a number of hospitals across the UK have now issued complaints that they are unable to fill jobs. Sajid Javid said he was particularly aware of the worries about the NHS being unable to recruit the medical staff it needed because of the visa cap.

Javid acknowledges that a number of his colleagues have asked him to review the system and he states “that is exactly what I am going to do”.

Although the visa issue has caused mass problems for international doctors over recent months, as a result of complaints from hospitals and media campaigns reporting the issue – we expect to see a change in the system very soon.


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