Surgery as an overall specialism is one of the biggest specialities in the entire medical world, by including over 10 sub-specialities it proves to be one of the most popular speciality to get into.

With so many sub specialities, surgery as a whole is very busy but also very good from an educational view, as the hospitals we work with have large centre’s dedicated to the sub specialties listed above and thus allows you to have access to new cases. Furthermore, the clinical support and training offered by the hospitals we work with is very thorough and can really help you progress into training here in the NHS.  

What is required to be a Surgeon in the UK?

In order to register with the GMC and become a surgeon in the UK, the most popular routes are to take the Royal College of Surgeons exams in either the UK or Ireland (both membership and fellowship routes are acceptable). In addition to the Royal College route, many junior doctors choose to go through their PLAB exams before specialising later on. Preference is sometimes given to candidates who have already completed their ATLS course.

What our experts have to say:

“My advice to you would be if surgery is the route you wish take here in the NHS is to not rush things and ensure you take your time in obtaining the IELTS/OET required score. In addition to this, having a MRCS certificate allows you to work at a higher grade here in the NHS, yes it may take some time, but once this is completed it will enhance your chances of getting on training programs to become a consultant.

Furthermore, when looking to move into surgery it is always important to show this in your CV. Departments nowadays are looking for commitment from doctors and showing your experience in your CV will show this to the consultants reviewing your CV. Remember these Consultants have never met you and they only have your CV to go by – so if you are looking to move into Urology or Orthopaedics, make sure you highlight your experience in this.

My final bit of advice for you is to do your own research into the NHS and locations. I can tell you and help you with much of the process but this is a big move and something not be done quickly (especially if you have a family coming also). Take your time, as our clients realise this is a big move also and understand you may need some time to organise things in your home country.”

If you think that a career in the UK or Ireland is the next step for you then why not send us a CV and Register top right or check out some of our current vacancies below.


Speciality Doctor Breast Surgery

The Post

An exciting opportunity has arisen for a fixed-term position for a Speciality Doctor in Breast Surgery. 

The new appointee will work closely with the existing two full-time Consultant Breast Surgeons, supported by a Nurse Practitioner and a team of breast care nurses. 

The department are supportive and you will have the opportunity to consolidate and gain further experience in all aspects on breast surgery, including clinical, operative and managerial skills. 

The post's contract will be based on 10 Programmaed Activities (PAs) with two additional PAs.

Post Requirements

  • MRCS
  • A pass in IELTS / OET
  • Must have full GMC Registration with a licence to practice 




SHO Trauma and Orthopaedics

£30000 - £40000
East Midlands
Fixed Term

The Post

We are looking to recruit three Trust Grade SHO in Trauma and Orthopaedics to work within multi-disciplinary team on a fixed term basis for 12 months. Based in the East Midlands, you will be joining a department of over 20 Consultant Surgeons with specific interests in the different sub-specialities. 

This excellent Trust Grade SHO position provides excellent training and exposure to complex trauma and elective practices. There is an opportunity to be part of a busy but very close knit team.

The job plan includes various training opportunities whilst working as part of a full-time rota covering ward based duties (Paeds, Trauma and Elective), day on-calls, night on-call etc.

Post Requirements

  • MRCS or PLAB
  • Pass in IELTS or OET
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