Pakistani Protector Stamp

What is a protector stamp? It is mandatory for every Pakistani (with a valid abroad work visa) to get their Passport stamped from Protectorate of Emigrants in order to leave Pakistan. Whilst Pakistani’s travelling abroad for a holiday are exempt from this, it is extremely important to understand that for those relocating to another country Read more about Pakistani Protector Stamp[…]

How much will relocating to the UK cost me?

For many international doctors, it is their ultimate goal to relocate to the UK and work within the NHS. The reasons for this varies from doctor to doctor but the most popular reasons are to receive the opportunity to develop their skills and education, improve their quality of living or to join friends and family Read more about How much will relocating to the UK cost me?[…]

A doctor’s pay within the NHS

The NHS is the fifth largest employer in the world and employs roughly 1.5 million people in the UK. Medical practitioners are also in the top five highest paid professions within the UK. The NHS is at the heart of the UK and thus their doctors are rewarded for their hard work with an extremely Read more about A doctor’s pay within the NHS[…]


A snapshot of… Wales

Wales is a country in the South West of the United Kingdom and is popular for its beautiful coastline, mountainous national parks and distinctive Welsh language. The capital of Wales is Cardiff which is a coastal city with an extensive array of bars and restaurants and a city full of history and culture. In this Read more about A snapshot of… Wales[…]

What to expect when you interview an IMG

This blog is focused on providing NHS Trusts and IMG’s who are at the interview stage with all the information needed for the interview process. But first thing is first, why employ an IMG? It is global knowledge that the UK’s health system is currently suffering a staffing crisis and consequently, the NHS is spending Read more about What to expect when you interview an IMG[…]

Overview of FRCR

Overview of FRCR The Fellowship of the Royal College of Radiologists (FRCR) is postgraduate exam qualification awarded by The Royal College of Radiologists, a professional body responsible for the speciality of clinical oncology and clinical radiology throughout the UK. The FRCR Exam is the main way in which UK radiology trainees demonstrate objectively that they Read more about Overview of FRCR[…]

Change to GMC Registration Process

Changes to the GMC Registration application process for IMG’s From today (11th June 2018), applicants for GMC registration with a licence to practise will now need to have their primary medical qualification independently verified before registration can be granted. This article will provide you with everything you need to know about the change. Please note Read more about Change to GMC Registration Process[…]


A snapshot of… Bristol

A snapshot of… Bristol Bristol is a hugely vibrant city with a rich maritime history. The city has a thriving economy, high employment rates, a fantastic arts and culture scene and offers a good balance of city-life and country living. Bristol is the largest city in the South West and one of the ten ‘Core Read more about A snapshot of… Bristol[…]

Overview of MRCS

Overview of Membership of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland (MRCS)  The Intercollegiate Membership examination of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons (MRCS) will test your knowledge, experience and clinical competence expected of trainees at the end of their core surgical training. The exam will grant you membership to one of the Read more about Overview of MRCS[…]

CoS Update

Certificate of Sponsorship Update In recent months there has been a major CoS crisis because of the government’s limit on the number of CoS allocations, part of their way to manage migration into the UK. As a result, only certain prioritised applications have been granted such as those on the shortage occupation list, Ph.D. level Read more about CoS Update[…]


Advantages of working in the UK

Advantages of working in the UK Welcome to the start of our blog series. This series is going to guide you through the process of how to relocate to the UK and work within the NHS – providing you with the important details and the opportunity to ask questions and receive support. Our first post Read more about Advantages of working in the UK[…]

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