Pakistani Protector Stamp

What is a protector stamp? It is mandatory for every Pakistani (with a valid abroad work visa) to get their Passport stamped from Protectorate of Emigrants in order to leave Pakistan. Whilst Pakistani’s travelling abroad for a holiday are exempt from this, it is extremely important to understand that for those relocating to another country Read more about Pakistani Protector Stamp[…]


Surgery Training Pathway

As your career progresses from a medical school student through to a Surgeon, you will go through a number of different stages that will all have a competitive entry. In today’s post we outline the ways in which you can enter and follow a surgical career specifically mentioning the: The training pathway Career grades —————————————————————————————- Read more about Surgery Training Pathway[…]

Relocation Myth Busters

We often see international doctors believe false statements regarding the process of relocating to the UK and working within the NHS. These statements can be detrimental to your journey to the UK – and so we have started a new Relocation Myth Buster series. Each week we will be sharing all the incorrect statements about Read more about Relocation Myth Busters[…]

Things you should know before moving to London…

Things you should know before moving to London… Moving to another country is a big move and moving to London is an even bigger move. You might have found your first job within the NHS or you are the spouse of a doctor who is relocating – this guide aims to provide you with all Read more about Things you should know before moving to London…[…]

Energy Levels

NHS Training Jobs | August Rotations | Everything you need to know

Every August an average of over 50,000 medical students across the UK move into new positions in new specialities and often new hospitals. This is known as the August rotation period. When do rotations start? Newly qualified doctors will start their posts in NHS hospitals on the first Wednesday in August. What is the purpose Read more about NHS Training Jobs | August Rotations | Everything you need to know[…]

What induction support will I get from the NHS?

Will I receive any support from the hospital when I start my new job? | BDI Resourcing The first few months of moving to another country and starting a new job in a system you are unfamiliar with can be extremely overwhelming. However, by speaking to the right people and asking the right questions, your Read more about What induction support will I get from the NHS?[…]

How much will relocating to the UK cost me?

For many international doctors, it is their ultimate goal to relocate to the UK and work within the NHS. The reasons for this varies from doctor to doctor but the most popular reasons are to receive the opportunity to develop their skills and education, improve their quality of living or to join friends and family Read more about How much will relocating to the UK cost me?[…]

A doctor’s pay within the NHS

The NHS is the fifth largest employer in the world and employs roughly 1.5 million people in the UK. Medical practitioners are also in the top five highest paid professions within the UK. The NHS is at the heart of the UK and thus their doctors are rewarded for their hard work with an extremely Read more about A doctor’s pay within the NHS[…]

A guide to NHS Staff Bank / Locum Work

Once you have started your new position within the NHS you may want to use your weekends or annual leave to take up temporary work to increase your income. In this instance, there are two available options. The first is to take up NHS staff bank work and the second is agency locum work. In Read more about A guide to NHS Staff Bank / Locum Work[…]


A snapshot of… Wales

Wales is a country in the South West of the United Kingdom and is popular for its beautiful coastline, mountainous national parks and distinctive Welsh language. The capital of Wales is Cardiff which is a coastal city with an extensive array of bars and restaurants and a city full of history and culture. In this Read more about A snapshot of… Wales[…]

Tier 2 visa cap lifted tomorrow

What is happening? Reports reveal that the home secretary will announce tomorrow an easing of the current Tier 2 visa restrictions on foreign doctors and nurses coming to work within the NHS. Sajid Javid will also disclose reforms to allow other thousands of highly-skilled migrants to come to Britain under the Tier 2 visa system Read more about Tier 2 visa cap lifted tomorrow[…]

The British Public and the NHS

What do the British public think of the NHS On Thursday 5th July 2018 the NHS turns 70. The birthday of the UK’s health system is an opportunity to appreciate the nation’s most loved institution and to thank the extraordinary NHS staff – without their skill, dedication, and compassion, the system would not exist. BDI Read more about The British Public and the NHS[…]

What to expect when you interview an IMG

This blog is focused on providing NHS Trusts and IMG’s who are at the interview stage with all the information needed for the interview process. But first thing is first, why employ an IMG? It is global knowledge that the UK’s health system is currently suffering a staffing crisis and consequently, the NHS is spending Read more about What to expect when you interview an IMG[…]

Overview of FRCR

Overview of FRCR The Fellowship of the Royal College of Radiologists (FRCR) is postgraduate exam qualification awarded by The Royal College of Radiologists, a professional body responsible for the speciality of clinical oncology and clinical radiology throughout the UK. The FRCR Exam is the main way in which UK radiology trainees demonstrate objectively that they Read more about Overview of FRCR[…]

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