About us

BDI Resourcing offer unique, beneficial and sustainable staffing solutions to the NHS. By attracting, educating and relocating international doctors and nurses, we are the first agency of our kind to offer an end-to-end international search and relocation service to the NHS.

Our approach to international healthcare recruitment is incredibly innovative as we provide end-to-end guidance which simply doesn’t exist anywhere else. In doing so, we are actively increasing the talent pool that the NHS can choose from.

Thanks to BDI Resourcing, thousands of international doctors and nurses now have completely free access to:

  • Learning materials and tutors for medical and English language exams
  • Recruitment guidance including job searching, CV preparation and interview guidance
  • Visa and immigration support
  • Relocation services including finding accommodation, schools, flights, bank accounts and much more
  • Pastoral support and care upon arrival and on an ongoing basis

Critically, our support increases the number of doctors and nurses working in the NHS, reduces the reliance on temporary locum staff and saves the NHS £millions.

Our Candidates

IMG Advisor

As an international doctor or nurse, you may find yourself asking lots of different questions and hearing lots of conflicting information from the multitude of different sources that are available to you. With an active online community of thousands of international doctors and nurses, our aim is to provide completely free access to all the information you could possibly need in one central point of intelligence. Our blog articles range from basic starting information about why you might want to consider a career in the UK, right through to detailed technical information on how to apply for your GMC registration or a Tier 2 visa.

Recruitment Services

As one of the only agencies that are solely focussed on international recruitment for doctors and nurses, you can be assured that we only work with the best NHS Hospitals. We have exclusive agreements with some of the most prestigious hospitals who offer the best inductions, orientation and support for your first post in the UK. Whether you are looking for a busy city, remote location or anywhere in between then we can support you to find your ideal post. Our recruitment team are each focussed on individual specialisms to ensure that we provide expert knowledge and guidance on the best roles to suit your experience and future career prospects.

Relocation Support

Having recruited hundreds of doctors and nurses from all around the world, our team are experts in all aspects of your move to the UK. We appreciate that everyone will have different requirements depending on where they are moving to and, often, varying family commitments. Whatever your current situation, we tailor our services to offer you guidance and support in making travel arrangements, finding suitable accommodation, sourcing schools for your children and any other aspects that are important to your move. We have also assisted hundreds of doctors making their GMC and Tier 2 visa applications and provide full walk-through guidance and document checking services for all our doctors and nurses.

Ongoing Pastoral Care

We recognise that an international move is a huge step and arriving in a new place can sometimes leave people feeling lonely. Our work doesn’t stop once you land in the UK and we are always on hand to help you settle in. Whether you need our help to find out where you need to go on your first day, how to get set up with a bank account, getting a mobile phone contract, how to collect your BRP or just advice on local points of interest and places to visit, we are always available whenever you need us. As part of the BDI community, you will never feel alone in the UK.

Our Clients

International Recruitment Campaigns

Committing to a thorough programme of international recruitment for doctors or nurses (or both) is an ongoing, changeable and long-term obligation to take on directly. As an agency solely focussed on international recruitment we give you quick and easy access to a worldwide community of thousands of doctors. With individual teams dedicated to each area of medical specialism, we are highly equipped to handle anything from niche executive search campaigns for specialist doctors or nurses through to large-scale recruitment campaigns for multiple vacancies.

The Best Candidates

By only presenting you with doctors and nurses who have completed their IELTS, OET, PLAB and Royal College examinations, we offer full assurance that all our candidates are fully equipped with the necessary clinical skills and the highest levels of English. Our recruitment teams shortlist only the highest calibre of doctors and nurses before putting them through a thorough Skype based pre-screening process pre-agreed with you. We also furnish our candidates with in-depth details on your hospital and the local area to ensure that they are well prepared for the move and fully committed to the locality itself.

Cost Savings

One of the biggest advantages of international recruitment is the huge cost savings available when compared with traditional locum recruitment. All our international doctors and nurses will join you on direct contracts just as any normal employee would. You simply pay a one-off introduction fee for our services with no ongoing costs or hourly rates to worry about. On average, our fees work out to being less than 15% of the equivalent costs associated with hiring an agency locum to do the same job whilst awaiting UK applicants. Our current clients regularly feedback that they also see improvements in quality of care and continuity of services that they don’t get with locum staff.


An integral part of our service is to ensure that we don’t just fill your vacancies but that we also work with you to ensure that your doctors or nurses settle in, stay with you and hopefully recommend your hospital to their friends and colleagues that may be considering moving. We maintain regular contact with our candidates to make sure that they are happy whilst offering them support and training on what to expect culturally and how to conduct yourself professionally in the NHS. Staff retention is paramount to encouraging future international recruitment and we will help you implement the best orientation and inductions to ensure that you have the best chance of your doctors or nurses settling in well and recommending you to their friends and colleagues

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