Working as an anaesthetist encompasses more than the mere application of anaesthetic to desensitise or render patients unconscious in preparation for surgery. When working as an anaesthetist consultant you are trained to provide services in pain relief, manage resuscitation problems, support and manage life functions while a patient is unconscious, and to have a hand in the management of patients both pre and post operation. Many anaesthetists choose to specialise in a specific area, for example intensive care or pain management outside of the operating room, or within anaesthetics itself, for example paediatric, cardiac or obstetric anaesthesia. At BDI Resourcing we have helped place anaesthetists all over the UK from great Hospitals in London to busy hospitals in Manchester.

What is required to be an Anaesthetics specialist in the UK?

The amount of post graduate experience that you have will help determine which route is best for you. The PLAB course is a general medical course aimed at junior Doctors and can be completed if you have an internship from one of the several recognised medical bodies. If you have 4+ years of experience within Anaesthetics then you will most likely take the EDAIC (European Diploma of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care) or FRCA route. These are widely recognised across departments in the UK and will help promote you as being a senior Anaesthetist. Whichever route you take you will need to complete either IELTS or the OET exam with the requisite scores set out by the GMC.

What our experts have to say:

“My advice to any international doctors who are looking for a post in the NHS would be to not concentrate to much on starting a job as an anaesthetist in a specific field straight away. I have worked with many anaesthetists who might be looking for a post specialising specifically in cardiac anaesthesia. When you are moving from abroad and into your first post in the NHS it can be very difficult to find a post in your ideal location with your specific sub specialities. If there is an option to find you a post in the field you are looking at this will be our priority, however it is often easiest to start in a more general position. This way once you have been working in the NHS for a year and you have that experience under your belt it is much easier to progress into more specific specialities such as cardiac anaesthesia, paediatrics, obstetrics.

Apart from that put your faith in BDI Resourcing! As soon as you have completed your necessary qualifications such as EDAIC, PLAB and IELTS you can concentrate on getting fully GMC registered and we can take care of everything else this side. Whether its finding you the perfect hospital in your dream location, helping find schools in the area, or any queries in regards to VISA application. We are here every step of the way to make the transition into the NHS as simple as possible.”

If you think that a career in the UK or Ireland is the next step for you then why not send us a CV and Register top right or check out some of our current vacancies below.


Consultant Anaesthetist

£73000 - £103000
North Yorkshire

25The Post

A North Yorkshire NHS Trust is seeking to appoint a permanent Consultant in Anaesthetics. 

The Department is an integral part of the Division of Surgery and Women's and Children's Services whose responsibilities cover the provision of Anaesthetic Services, High Dependency and Intensive Care, Pain Relief, Pre-assessment and Community Dentals as well as the running of Operating Theatres & Recovery. In addition the hospital has an extra contractual Hyperbaric Chamber. 

The hospital is situated in a beautiful area of the United Kingdom, offering a range of inexpensive properties, good schools, easy access to major cities and an abundance of outdoor, sporting and recreational activities. 

Post Requirement

  • FRCA
  • A pass in IELTS / OET


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