Cost Savings

One of the biggest misconceptions about working with an international permanent recruiter is that you will still be dealing with highly paid doctors or nurses on hourly rates. We always set this out very clearly from the start – all of our doctors and nurses join you as direct employees with Trust contracts and they are all paid the usual salaries set out in the NHS Pay Circulars.

Our fee is simply an introduction fee which is payable when a doctor or nurse actually starts working with you. Again, to be really clear, we never ask for upfront fees or charge for interviews etc and there are no on-going costs associated with our work. You simply pay us a one-off fee on the day that your doctor or nurse joins the department.

The amount that we charge you is always set out clearly before we start working with you so that it can be budgeted well in advance of your candidates joining their departments. The basic calculation for our one-off charge is usually based on a percentage of the salary that you decide to offer to the candidate. That said, depending on the nature and volume of the roles that you need our assistance with, we sometimes work on a fixed fee basis or offer a volume-based discount on our percentages. Each client is different and we’re happy to work with you to reach a cost-effective solution.

We also offer a rebate period on all our placement fees, so you have our reassurance that if for whatever reason the doctor or nurse decides to leave you within a certain timeframe, you will never be left out of pocket. Due to our robust screening and selection processes, this only impacts around 1 in 240 placements, so it is very rare.

We’re confident that you will have already heard about the current pressures to reduce locum agency expenditure and this is the primary driver for our business. We see the problem in black and white – there are simply not enough doctors and nurses in the NHS and, when supply doesn’t meet demand, the cost of plugging gaps with locum staff increases. Whilst there are numerous possible solutions to this problem (like capping rates or making contracting less attractive through IR35 legislation) we feel that the best solution is simply to increase the supply of doctors that are available to the whole of the NHS so that supply comes closer to demand and the cost of locum staff falls.

The following table outlines the potential costs savings that could be realised when replacing locum doctors with permanent members of staff over different timescales using the NHS Improvement Capped Rates. This assumes a 40-hour working week for locums and doesn’t account for break-glass escalations which are highly prevalent. That said, it gives a clear indication of how quickly costs savings are noticed when replacing an agency locum with a permanent member of staff:



Capped Rate

Weekly Agency Locum Costs

Quarterly Agency Locum Costs

Annual Agency Locum Costs





















Speciality Doctor





Associate Specialist











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