About Rich Halliday

Rich Halliday

Senior Recruitment Consultant
Phone: 01174220573

Southampton bred, Literature Graduate and Associate Recruitment Consultant Rich has worked in the public-sector for his local council, since graduating from university. Rich uses his understanding of a public-sector environment to support internationally recognise Pathologists as they transition to the UK. Rich enjoys unbearably dense literature and collecting music. The latter of which is something he’s looking to showcase via his own radio show in Bristol, at the start of the new calendar year.

What do you like about working for BDI Resourcing?

"BDI Resourcing is such a forward-thinking and tight-knit organisation, which offers excellent support and scope for personal growth. It’s a company that invest in its staff as individuals, whilst providing an opportunity for you to develop yourself into a real company asset."

#1 item on your bucket list 

Start-up and own a record label

1. Who is your hero?

Probably Mum, for the last 23. Here’s to hope she gets out with 25 & good behaviour

2. What was your favourite toy as a child?

Thunderbirds’ Tracy Island Playset. When the swimming pool and trees slide back for business.

3. Can you play any instruments?

Keys/guitar/bass, although relatively rusty/limited due to years of neglect.

4.  What was your childhood nickname?


5. Do you have any strange phobias?

Being photographed mainly

6. What was the worst pet you have ever had?

A hamster that died on the eve of my first SATS exam, only to remain the basis of all my existing passwords since

7. What was your favourite tv programme growing up?

Vintage Scooby –Zombie Island sort of era

8. What is your favourite flavour of Pringles?

Pass. Never got on with the fella on the tubes/packets

9. Has anyone ever written a song or poem about you?

Apple bottom jeans – boots with the fur

10. How would your friends describe you?

Humble. Sardonically serious – a real asset

11. What would people be surprised to know about you?

Fairly little at this stage, I’d imagine

12. What is your favourite quote?

You wanna buy some Deathsticks?

13. What is your favourite place in the world?

Anywhere touching the Adriatic

14. What is your guilty pleasure?

Not really safe for work

15. What did you want to be when you grew up?

Rebel Alliance fighter pilot

Rich specialises in placing Pathologists from around the world into the NHS. If you would like to ask a queston or find out how we can help then please email [email protected] or follow the links to our social media channels.

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