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What does the online GMC Registration application entail?

  • October 13, 2020

What does the online GMC Registration application entail?

The GMC requires all Doctors who practise medicine in the UK to be registered with them. Each Doctor has different circumstances and all international Doctors will begin their registration at different stages, however, usually it is towards the end of the relocation process. Registration with the GMC can be time-consuming and worrying, but in this article, we aim to explore each registration step, clearly state the required documentation and what you should expect at the ID check. And hopefully with our guidance the registration process should be a lot simpler to understand!

Guide through the online application

  1. Sign up to ‘GMC Online’ – A personalised portal for all Doctors who want to be GMC registered
  2. Once you have created an account click on ‘My Registration’
  3. Then click on ‘My Applications’ and follow the instructions regarding your nationality

You will then be asked to fill out the ‘GMC Registration Form’ which has eight sections to it:

  1. Name – Provide details of your given name, including all middle names
  2. Details of your internship – Separate each rotation by date and specialty
  3. Professional Experience – Here you should provide details on your work experience in the last five years and any employment gaps in this time. Please note that you must explain all days off including annual leave and if applicable provide evidence. i.e. Details of a training course
  4. Licencing – Here you will provide details of your Certificate of Good Standing, which are the facts of your registration with the local medical authority from the country of which you have practised medicine
  5. Fitness to Practise – The GMC support that for Doctor’s to practise safely they must be competent in what they do. They will therefore ask you a series of questions regarding your competencies. This includes your knowledge, safety and quality, communication and teamwork, and the ability to maintain trust.
  6. Declaration – You will then be asked to declare your right to work in the UK, if you have had any problems with law enforcement authorities, and whether you agree to the GMC’s rules and regulations
  7. Payment – The final step of the registration process is to provide a payment. If you obtained your primary medical degree in the last five years, it will cost you £156 to register. If you obtained your primary medical degree over five years ago, it will cost you £406 to register.
  8. Supporting Documentation - After you have filled the above form and made the registration payment, you will receive an email from the GMC asking you to provide the following documents in one collated PDF document.

What documentation do I need to provide to the GMC?

  1. Passport / Right to Work in the UK documents
  2. Primary Medical Degree Qualification Certificate – A full list of GMC approved PMQ can be found here.
  3. Certificate of Good Standing
  4. Evidence of your English language proficiency (Typically IELTS or OET)
  5. Internship Certificate
  6. Employer References
  7. EPIC Verification 

Please note that the above list of documents are just a guideline and each documentation requirement is subjective to each application. However, after you have paid for your registration you will receive a personalised email from the GMC providing a list of required documentation. Furthermore, the GMC will only give you 28 days to upload these documents. If you do not submit the documents within this time your application will be closed and you will be refunded your application fee, meaning you will have to re-start the entire process again.

What is a Certificate of Good Standing?

The GMC requires you to provide details on each medical regulatory body that you have been registered with in the last five years, even if you have not practised in that jurisdiction. These details will be presented as a Certificate of Good Standing (CGS) from each medical body.

Click here to find out who the medical regulatory body is for each country and their contact details detailed in the GMC CGS Contact Database.

The GMC require that the CGS must confirm the following details:

  • You are/were entitled to practise medicine in that country
  • You were not disqualified, suspended or prohibited from practising medicine
  • The authority is not aware of any matters that question your good standing

You should note:

  1. If the country you are/were registered in does not have a medical regulatory authority, you will need to request an employer reference form.
  2. Certificate of Good Standings are only valid for three months from issue date and they must be valid on the date that your GMC registration application is approved.

What happens after I have submitted the documents?

After you have uploaded the required documentation to the GMC they will begin to process your application. If you have missing evidence they will contact you asking you to provide it so they can continue to process it. Once they have all the correct information they will then decide on your application. If it is accepted you will then be asked to attend an identification check in the UK.

What happens if my application is not accepted?

This is a very rare occasion. If the GMC cannot process your application it is typically due to administrative reasons, and they will always give you an opportunity to provide this evidence. Examples include but are not limited to:

  1. Clarification on your SELR form – in this case you will have to wait for the hospital to respond to the GMC
  2. Royal College Certificate is out of date by a couple of weeks – you will have to wait for your Royal College to verify your certificate

On the seldom occasion the GMC cannot register your application they will refund your registration fee and you will have to apply again.

Identification Check

Your GMC ID check will have to be done in person at one of their offices in either London or Manchester. You can book your ID check through the same portal used to make your application via ‘My Appointments’.

Although ID checks are often booked after an IMG’s registration has been accepted, we advise you to book your ID check as early as possible. This is because the ID checks are booked up a long way in advance and in fact the GMC do not require you to have all your relevant documentation approved first. In addition, the GMC only offer you three months from the moment your application is successful to complete the ID check and then you will need to apply again.

When you arrive at the ID check you will be expected to have your passport and other forms of ID. The GMC may request other documents; however, this information will be provided once you are invited. Once you have arrived they will take an ID photo and a copy of your signature to keep on record. The ID check usually takes around twenty minutes and once it is completed you will be added to the list of registered medical practitioners and officially GMC registered.

Do I need a Visa to come to the UK for my ID check?

Yes, you will need to apply for a UK Visit Visa. You can apply for your Visa here.

What information do I need to provide on my Visa application?

The application will ask you to provide:

  • Personal Details
  • Travel information (itinerary)
  • Family information

Do I need to provide any supporting documents?

Yes, the application will ask you to provide the following documentation for your application:

  • Cover Letter: Details on what to include in your cover letter are provided in the section below
  • Passport: Must be valid
  • Letter of employment: This letter should be provided by the hospital that you are currently working for confirming your employment.
  • Bank statements: If you will be supporting yourself financially for this trip then you will need to provide your bank statements, typically six months’ worth. However, if another person is supporting you then you will need to provide your own bank statements as well as the bank statements of your financial supporter.
  • Proof of accommodation in Manchester: As your exam is held in Manchester we advise you took book accommodation in this city and if you book in advance the price will be a lot lower.
  • PLAB 1 results: It would be useful to provide the application with a copy of the email which confirms your passing of the PLAB 1 exam.
  • PLAB 2 booking: Another useful document that could be provided is a copy of the booking confirmation that the GMC will send you
  • IELTS or OET results: This will confirm that you are eligible to take PLAB
  • Primary medical qualification: The last document which will greatly support your application is evidence of your primary medical qualification.

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Originally Posted: 23/03/2018
Updated: 13/10/2020


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