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Changes to the MRCPCH Clinical Exam

  • November 29, 2018

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health have announced changes to the MRCPCH Clinical Exam (the final exam of the qualification structure). These changes will help to ensure that the exam remains consistent across all test centres and will provide candidates with useful feedback on their exam attempt.

In this post, we provide you with the requirements of sitting MRCPCH Clinical, the changes implemented and some advice on passing the exam!

MRCPCH Clinical Exam Requirements

The Royal College recommend that in order to optimise your chances of success in the MRCPCH Clinical exam they recommend that you have:

  • Completed at least two and a half years of Paediatric training
  • Spent no less than 12 months in posts involving Emergency Paediatric Care
  • Spent six months of your first year after graduation as a house Paediatrician, if not, an additional six months in a post involving Emergency Paediatric Care

Where can I sit MRCPCH Clinical?

The UK, Egypt, Hong Kong, India, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Oman, Singapore, Sudan and the UAE.

What are the changes?

  1. Clinical Stations – You will no longer need to provide a management plan within the 9-minute station and there will now be four clinical stations instead of five.
  2. Video Stations – They will no longer form a multiple-choice-question format but will be replaced with a structured discussion with an examiner after you have watched the video. There will be two video stations, both 9-minutes in length.
  3. The Development Station – This station is being extended to 22-minutes in length and it will now ask you to complete a full developmental assessment including gathering information from a parent or carer.
  4. The Marking Sheets – You will now be scored on several competencies rather than a single mark at each station. This will provide you with more detailed feedback and help you in creating a future professional development plan.

Please note, the content will remain the same.

When is this change happening?

September 2019 – India and September

October 2019 – The remaining countries with a test centre

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BDI’s Advice on passing MRCPCH Clinical

It is important to remember that the Clinical Exam is not a test of knowledge, this has already been proven in the written papers.

Tip 1 – Communication – A large part of the exams mark scheme is based on communication. Ask your colleagues to run scenarios with you and listen to their feedback.

Tip 2 – System – Ensure you have a systematic approach for every station, revision books will help you with this! And remember to take your time, do not rush into providing an answer.

Tip 3 – Practice, practice, practice – Try and meet up with a friend who has young children and practice on them.

Tip 4 – Engagement – If the child is old enough to talk, kneel down to their height, introduce yourself, speak to them in terms they can understand but do not be condescending.

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References (2018). MRCPCH Clinical examination changes - from September 2019 | RCPCH. [online] Available at: [Accessed 28 Nov. 2018].


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