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How to survive working over the Christmas period

  • December 24, 2018

Christmas can often be the busiest time of year for hospitals.

Did you know that there are over 141,000 doctors, nurses and midwives who work on Christmas day? Although healthcare staff may be all too aware that working during the festive season is a job requirement, it does not always stop people from feeling less than full of Christmas cheer. Therefore, in today’s post, we wanted to share some ways to cope with working over the festive period.

1. Remember your purpose

You may start to feel overwhelmed that your loved ones are at home celebrating and you are at work – but try and remember why you are there. Whether you are caring for the elderly, the young or attending to emergency cases, use this as motivation in order to uplift your festive spirits!

2. Invite your loved ones to work

Some hospitals allow their staff to invite guests for short visits during the holidays – so ask if this may be possible for you. A quick visit from family or friends will cheer you up and help the day go a lot quicker!  

3. Emotionally prepare

Remember that working on Christmas Day may not just be difficult for you, but it will also be hard on the patients that you are treating. Be flexible, and expect extra emotion from everyone, including other team members!  

4. Enjoy the perks

It is likely that your employer will pay you time and a half, double time or sometimes triple pay for working on Christmas Day and they may also offer a free meal from the hospital canteen.

If your hospital is not offering such perks, perhaps you could organise to bring in some festive dishes/desserts with other staff members! Bringing Christmas Day to work!

5. Find time to worship

One of the difficulties of working on holidays is missing the religious ceremonies. So, try and visit your hospital’s chapel, prayer room or quiet zone – this will help add to the joy of the holiday.

BDI Resourcing would like to say a very big thank you to all doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals who are working within the NHS over the Christmas period. We are incredibly grateful for all of your hard work, dedication and passion for providing care.

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