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Paediatrics Training Pathway

  • December 27, 2018

After you have completed your medical undergraduate degree and foundation/internship years, you may decide to pursue a career in Paediatrics.

In this post, we provide you with details on the UK training pathway and information on how to become a UK Consultant Paediatrician if you completed your training overseas.

The Training Pathway

The Paediatric training pathway consists of three levels. All doctors must complete level one and two of the General Paediatric curriculum and then, at level three they can decide if they want to pursue General Paediatrics or to complete their training within a sub-specialty.




1: ST1-ST3

24-36 months

General Paediatrics

2: ST4-ST5

12-24 months

General Paediatrics (12 months)
Neonatology (6 months)
Community Paediatrics (6 months)

3: ST6-ST8

24-36 months

General Paediatrics (24-36 months) with 12 months within sub-specialty


Sub-specialty training (24-36 months)

Level 1 – ST1-ST3

During your first three years, you will be training within General Paediatrics based in acute settings including emergency duties, in and outpatients and neonates.

Please note, you must have completed all of your MRCPCH exams by the end of ST3 level.

Level 2 – ST4-ST5

Your training during this period will be held mainly in a District General Hospital using existing core training posts and rotations including community Paediatrics and Neonatology. You will also receive training within Community Paediatrics.

During this time your training will place greater emphasis on outpatients, child development and safeguarding.

Level 3 – ST6-ST8

When you reach this level, you may choose to enter into sub-specialty training or stay in general training.

Please click here for a list of the 17 Paediatric sub-specialty training.

When you apply for sub-specialty training it will be done via a competitive selection into what is known as GRID training. Once you have completed your sub-specialty training, you will then be entered onto the Specialist Register with the GMC.

Consultant Level

To work as a Consultant in the UK, you must be on the Specialist Register.

How do I get onto the Specialist Register?

There are three routes to getting onto the Specialist Register and working as a UK Consultant:

Route 1, obtaining your Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT): All of your specialty curriculum must have been completed within a UK training post.

Route 2, Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration via the Combined Programme (CESR CP): To be eligible for this award, your training would have been undertaken both in the UK and overseas (a non-approved training post).

Route 3, Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration (CESR): This route is for doctors who believe they do not need to undergo further specialist training because they have acquired sufficient non-GMC approved training, experience and qualifications for direct entry onto the UK specialist register.

For further information on the difference between the three pathways please click here.

If you are an international Paediatrician who holds MRCPCH, please email your CV to [email protected] and our Paediatrics Specialist Sebastian will be in touch about helping you find your first NHS post.

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