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Working with a Recruitment Consultant

  • December 04, 2018

When you apply for your first NHS post, you have two options: to apply directly via NHS Jobs or to use a medical recruitment agency, such as ourselves – BDI Resourcing.

We sometimes see negative comments online about the recruitment industry and there seems to be a misalliance between doctors and nurses’ expectations of the recruitment industry in general, and the reality of the situation.

Here at BDI Resourcing, we pride ourselves on being more than a medical recruitment agency but going to extra mile for all our doctors and nurses that we speak to, whether we find them their first NHS post or not. Therefore, in this article, we share the advantages of working with us.

1. Professional Representation

A good Recruitment Consultant will not email your CV off to every single NHS hospital. Over the years, we have worked on building relationships with HR departments and Lead Consultants, who trust our opinion and expertise. Furthermore, most doctors and nurses will have specific preferences, such as the desire to work within a university hospital, live in a major city or have access to excellent quality schools – thus, it is important to find a Recruitment Consultant who will meet all these needs.

Remember, a recommendation from a trustworthy Recruitment Consultant will put your CV right in front of the relevant Clinical Director, while an application via NHS jobs may disappear amongst the thousands of applications.

2. Specialist Representation

Most medical recruitment agencies are generalised, and you will deal with a number of different Consultants throughout the entire process. However, at BDI Resourcing you will have one sole point of contact, who will be dedicated to helping doctors within one particular specialty. This is advantageous because it means they are able to communicate with the right contacts, such as the Paediatric Lead Consultant for international doctors looking to take up a Neonatal post.

3. End to end service

When we partner with a doctor or nurse, we support them through every single step of the way. Our service starts with CV advice, to sourcing interviews whilst meeting all your preferences. Once you have accepted your first NHS post, you will then be introduced to our Relocation and Compliance Officer, who will guide you through the CoS, visa and relocation process. Our officer will help you with booking flights, finding UK accommodation and airport transfers.

BDI Resourcing appreciates that NHS HR departments are extremely busy and they may not always be on hand to answer your questions – and this is where we will come in! No matter how small the question, we will be happy to guide and support you whenever you need it.

4. Access to jobs not advertised on NHS Jobs

BDI Resourcing are in the business of knowing. Each of our Consultants are always networking and we are aware of NHS posts that are not always advertised on NHS Jobs, such as those currently filled by Locums… increasing your chances of being selected for an interview.

5. Time-Saving

When you are applying for a new job, it is vital that you tailor your CV and cover letters to increase your chance of selection – especially if you are a junior doctor and decide to apply for different specialties. However, if you partner with BDI Resourcing, you will only have to create one CV.

We have found hundreds of doctors their first NHS post and so we have a thorough understanding of the NHS’ preferred formatted CV and all the information that should be included. We will always provide you with CV suggestions to enhance your application.

6. Interview Support

When we have organised your first interview, we will provide you with in-depth knowledge about the vacant post, a job description of the role, information about the hospital and its area, information on who will be interviewing you and what they are looking for.

We will also go through some interview questions with you to help you prepare for it.

7. Salary Negotiation

You have worked hard to get all the required GMC Registration qualifications, impressed the interviewer and the hospital has decided to offer you the post. However, the salary offered is much lower than you anticipated, but you really want to accept the job.

BDI Resourcing have in-depth knowledge of the NHS pay scale and we are extremely experienced in negotiating a higher salary – so leave it with us, and we will work our magic until you are happy.

8. Our Services are free

When a doctor or nurse partners with us, our services are completely free for them to use.

9. You will gain a friend

Throughout the whole process, you will have a friend. We thoroughly understand that the process of relocating is an overwhelming one, and so we want to provide you with as much support as you would like. From the moment you first speak with our Consultant, to when you arrive in the UK, we would love to meet you and continue to speak after you have started your new post. Anything you need... we will be just a telephone call away!

If you are an international doctor or nurse and you would like to relocate to the UK and work within the NHS – send your CV to [email protected] and we will be in touch.

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