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UK Standard Visit Visa - routes for parents and friends to visit the UK

  • March 29, 2022

After you have settled into your new NHS job and life into the UK – you may want your family members to visit you. We have been asked often if parents are able to be added as a dependant;  at current this is not yet an option. However, parents, other family members and friends will be able to come and visit on a UK Standard Visit Visa.

In this post, we provide you with a detailed guide on how to apply for a UK “Standard Visit Visa”. Please note, if you are an IMG who has already relocated to the UK, you can apply for a Visit Visa on behalf of your family or friend – the maximum duration of a UK visit visa is 6 months.

It is important to note that the Standard Visitor visa has now replaced what were previously known as the:

  • Family Visitor visa
  • General Visitor visa
  • Child Visitor visa

How much is a standard 6-month visit visa?


How long does the application process take?

The earliest you can apply is 3 months before you travel. You should get a decision on your visa within 3 weeks when you apply from outside the UK.

Visit Visa Eligibility

The person applying for the visa must evidence that:

  • They will leave the UK at the end of their visit
  • They have the financial means to support themselves and any dependents during the entirety of the trip
  • They can afford to pay for the return journey back to their home country

I am applying on behalf of my family member/friend – what do I do?

Please click here to start the online application process.

Remember to ensure all of the applicant's information is correct before you submit their visit visa request.

Fill out the form according to the below:

Who is the visa for?

Question Asked

The option you should choose

My spouse or family member

  1. Reason for Visit?


  1. Visa Type?


  1. Visa Sub Type?

“Visit – family – 6 months”

A friend, boyfriend or girlfriend

  1. Reason for Visit?


  1. Visa Type?


  1. Visa Sub Type?

“Visit – tourism – 6 months”

What documents will need to be included with their application?


  • A valid passport and any other relevant travel identification
  • You will also need to keep a blank page in your passport for your visa. Please note, your passport must be valid for the whole duration of your stay in the UK
  • You will also need to provide a certified translation of any documents that are not in English

Other Information:

  • Evidence of the date you are planning to travel to the UK
  • Information about where you will be staying during your visit
  • How much money you think your trip will cost you
  • Evidence of your current home address and how long you have lived there
  • Your parents’ names and dates of birth
  • Information on your yearly income
  • Your employer’s address and telephone number
  • Your partner's details and contact information
  • The name and address of anyone who is paying for your trip
  • The name, address and passport number of any family members you have in the UK
  • Details of any criminal, civil or immigration offences you have committed

Proving you have a genuine relationship

If the person who is visiting you is not a family member, then it may be a good idea to include a letter with your application explaining that you hold a genuine relationship with this person.

In your letter, you should include details such as how and where you met, how often you communicate with each other and how you communicate (for example email, text, calls).

Support with your visa application

If you have any questions or need any support with a UK Visit Visa or your Tier 2 visa application – please email [email protected] and our Relocation and Compliance Officer Isla will be happy to guide and support you.

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Originally Uploaded: 04/01/2019
Updated: 12/10/2020


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