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Overview of First FRCR

  • February 04, 2019

To work as a Radiologist in the UK, you will need full FRCR and a pass in IELTS or OET – obtaining these qualifications will provide you with GMC Registration.

Full FRCR includes passing: First FRCR, FRCR 2A, FRCR 2B.

In today’s post, we focus on First FRCR. We cover the exam cost, structure, modules tested, exam test centres and useful revision resources.

What is the purpose of FRCR?

The First FRCR exam expects doctors to have gained an appropriate level of knowledge of the physical principles that underpin diagnostic medical imaging and of the anatomy needed to perform and interpret radiological studies.








The Examination Structure

The exam consists of two modules:

  1. Anatomy – examined by an image viewing session delivered on individual workstations
  2. Physics – is a multiple-choice question paper

Both of the exams are held over a two-day period three times a year: typically, in March, June and September. The two exams will be held on different days.

Click here to find out upcoming exam dates.

You will be deemed to pass the First FRCR once both exam modules have been passed.

Please note, you cannot attempt First FRCR more than six times.

How do I know if I am eligible to apply?

The Royal College of Radiologists requires applicants to hold a formal clinical radiology training post in which they are actively receiving clinical radiology training to enter the First FRCR exam. However, no minimum period is required to enter.

Where can I sit the exam?

UK locations: Belfast, Birmingham, Glasgow, London and Manchester.

International locations: Hong Kong and Singapore.

Examination Format

Anatomy –
Image viewing module

You will be presented with 100 images with one question per image. Most of the questions will be structured as “what structure does the arrow point to?” however, you may also be asked “what anatomical variant is demonstrated?” or “at what age does the structure arrowed normally fuse during skeletal development”?

The exam format will be as follows:

  • Cross-sectional: 1/3
  • Plain radiographs: 1/3
  • Contrast studies: 1/3

You will be tested within the following modules: head, neck and spine, chest and cardiovascular, abdomen and pelvis and musculoskeletal. There will also be a few questions Paediatric images and normal variants.  

You will have 90 minutes to view the images and record your answers. You will receive two marks for a correct answer and one mark for an answer which is correct but not completely accurate and zero marks for an incorrect answer.

During the exam, keystrokes and screen activity are monitored and recorded centrally.

What revision books should I use?

Passing FRCR Part 1: Cracking Anatomy

FRCR Part 1 Anatomy Mock Examinations

Radiological Anatomy for FRCR Part 1

Physics – Multiple Choice Question Paper

This exam consists of 200 true or false questions and you will be presented with 40 stems (question or statement) and then five statements for each stem which will need to be marked true or false.

You will have two hours to answer the questions.

During this exam, you will be tested in the following areas: basic science, x-ray imaging, CT imaging, ultrasound imaging, MR imaging, nuclear imaging, radiation dosimetry and protection and legislation.

Please note, the exam is not negatively marked and therefore you are encouraged to answer all questions.

What revision books should I use?

Get Through First FRCR: Multiple-Choice-Questions for the Physics Module

FRCR Physics Notes

A Radiologist’s on Physics for the FRCR Exam

Are there any online resources I can use?

Radiology Café

Revise Radiology

Radiology Multiple-Choice-Questions

Please click here to gain access to the Royal College’s Guidance Notes for Applicants.

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