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Q&A with Dr Udare and Dr Joshi, International Radiologists

  • March 18, 2019


What is your name,

Name: Dr Amar (AU)

Speciality: Radiology, Body Imaging.

Grade: Fellow in Body Imaging at the Ottawa General Hospital, Canada.
Founder, Editor and Developer of

Name: Dr Saurabh Joshi (SJ)

Speciality: Interventional Radiologist

Grade: Assistant Professor at present in Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College and General Hospital (A government medical school with 1900 bedded hospital)

Would you share with us your personal mission as a doctor?

AU: To provide the best possible service to patients.

SJ: To treat disease with minimal access

Do you have any plans to relocate to the UK and what are your motivations for wanting to do so?

AU: Yes. The work culture and teaching environment in the UK are unparalleled.

SJ:  Yes, to pursue radiology for at least short term.

Why did you choose to specialise in Radiology?

AU: As a radiologist one needs to be a jack of all trades (to start off) and master of some (a few years down the line)! With the advanced imaging techniques available today, radiologists play a crucial role in patient management. Clinical practice has evolved so much over time and clinicians now have specific questions for radiologists to decide management. Innovations in interventional radiology have revolutionised patient management for a number of disease processes.

 SJ: It is an exciting and ever evolving branch of medicine with close contact with technology


How long did it take you to complete FRCR?

Three and a half years

Do you have any advice for other doctors who are currently studying for FRCR?

If you have acquired your basic radiology qualification i.e. MD/DNB  and you are strong in then FRCR is more about understanding the concepts and techniques of exam per rather than studying radiology again. I have documented my preparation strategy on the blog for reference.

In your view, what are the key benefits of obtaining FRCR?

1. Additional qualification – an international one for Indian radiologists

2. While studying for FRCR, good exposure to cases and x-rays.

3. Opens additional avenues for career advancements.

What are the key revision resources for studying FRCR?

A) FRCR books

B) Rapid sets - FRCRtutorialsFRCRscholarFRCRacademy etc.

C) Aunt Minnie

Do you have any advice for doctors who are struggling to secure a seat in their 2b exam? Do you think it is easier to secure a seat in countries such as Hong Kong over the UK?

No experience as I had attempted 2b in the UK only and had no plan to attempt in Hong Kong.

What is RadioGyan?

Radio = Radiology Gyan (Sanskrit) = Knowledge. is a free educational website for radiology residents and healthcare professionals. We have a host of resources for residents and practicing radiologists.

What inspired you to start your website RadioGyan?

AU: As a radiology resident was always on the look for useful radiology resources. By the time I had finished my residency and fellowship, I had collected a large number of cases and online resources. A lot of residents are not aware of these excellent resources available online, most of which are free. The purpose of starting the website was to make residents and radiologists aware of these resources. As our tagline says, we intend to make Radiology as easy as possible. Apart from Radiology, I love technology and that helps me work on the website as well.

What does your blog offer?

The blog consists of collections of online resources and original articles, radiology cases and videos. Our anatomy page has -to-toe anatomy modules for all imaging modalities. The recommended books page has an extensive list of general and speciality books. We have a large collection of radiology cases (termed as spotters/ rapids), . We have introduced pages listing upcoming radiology conferences  and radiology jobs. Our cases and articles are different from other radiology websites as we try to write detailed articles which are more focussed on radiology relevant to patient management. We also have guides for residents to help prepare for various exams, including one for the FRCR exam.

The Future

What are your hopes and plans for the future?

SJ: To further pursue in Interventional Radiology To guide students in Radiology and more specifically – radiology

AU:  I intend to continue working on the website and making it more useful to radiology residents and practitioners. On a personal work front I intend to work at a tertiary radiology department once I finish my fellowship.         

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