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Overview of EDAIC

  • April 12, 2019

The European Diploma in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care (EDAIC) exam is a two-part exam covering the relevant basic sciences and clinical subjects for a Specialist Anaesthetist.

By obtaining full EDAIC and a pass in IELTS/OET you will be eligible to take up an ST3+post.

Please note, if you are a Specialist in Pakistan, you must have either FCPS or the MCPS to be eligible to sit the EDAIC Part 2 exam. Other diplomas in Anaesthetics issued in Pakistan can be accepted for the EDAIC Part 1 but not for the EDAIC Part 2. 

Please note, holders of FCPS or MCPS are not exempt from the EDAIC Part 1.

Cost of EDAIC

EDAIC Part 1 - Written


EDAIC Part 2 – Oral

£472 first attempt

£292 following attempts

Exam Certificate


Modules Tested

The exam will test the following core competencies:

  • Disease Management, Patient Assessment and Patients Assessment and Preparation
  • care and Anaesthetic techniques
  • Postoperative patient care and Acute Pain Management
  • Emergency Medicine: Management of critical conditions, including trauma and initial burn management
  • Medical and care of critically ill patients / multidisciplinary Intensive Care Medicine
  • Practical anaesthetic procedures / Invasive and Imaging techniques / Regional blocks
  • Quality – Management – Health Economics
  • Anaesthesia Skills (ANTS)
  • Professional and Ethics
  • Education, self-directed learning and research

Specific Core Competencies:

  • Obstetric Anaesthesiology
  • Airway Management and Surgery
  • Thoracic and Cardiovascular Anaesthesiology
  • Anaesthesiology
  • Anaesthesiology in remote locations / Ambulatory Anaesthesiology
  • Multidisciplinary Pain Management

Further information on the EDAIC exam syllabus can be found here.          

EDAIC Part 1

This exam is held annually in the months of September and October.

The exam comprises of two multiple-choice (MCQ) papers. Each paper has sixty questions and is of a two hour direction.

The format that the paper uses is a stem with fives responses, each of which may be true or false.

Examination Format

Paper A: Basic Science (60 MCQ’s). This includes:

  • Physiology (20 MCQ’s)
  • Pharmacology (20 MCQ’s)
  • Physics, Clinical Measurement, Statistics (20 MCQ’s)

Paper B: Clinical Practice (60 MCQ’s). This includes:

  • General Anaesthetics
  • Special Anaesthetic techniques
  • Local/regional anaesthetics
  • Intensive Care
  • Internal Medicine
  • Emergency Medicine

Please click here for a list of international test centres.

EDAIC Part 2

The second exam is held annually between the months of February and November.

To apply for EDAIC Part 2, you must have passed EDAIC Part 1 and be a certified Anaesthetist in any country OR are trainees in the final year of their training in Anaesthetics, in one or more of the European member states of the World Health Organisation.

Examination Format

The exam of each candidate is held in a single day during which there are four separate 25-minute oral examinations. The oral examination embraces the same range of basic science and clinical subjects within a clinical scenario format as is covered by the EDAIC Part 1 exam.

Two of the oral examinations will concentrate on the basic sciences and two on clinical topics. In the clinical orals, x-rays and ECG’s are also used.

Please click here for a list of international test centres.

Revision Resources

Smith and Aitkenhead’s Textbook of Anaesthesia

, Intensive Care and Perioperative Medicine A-Z: An Encyclopaedia of Principles and Practice (FRCA Study Guides) 6 Edition

Morgan and Mikhail’s Clinical Anaesthesiology 6 Edition

Fundamentals of Anaesthesia, 4 Edition


Anaesthesia UK: Dr Podcast

Practice Papers

EDAIC Part 1

EDAIC Part 2

Relocation to the UK

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