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Overview of First FRCR, Clinical Oncology

  • November 21, 2019

The Royal College of Radiologists expects doctors sitting FRCR Clinical Oncology to have acquired a broad range of knowledge that relates to the investigation and management of patients with cancer.

In this post, we provide you with an overview of First FRCR Clinical Oncology. We give you details on the examination cost, format, modules tested and provide you with some great revision resources to aid your revision.

Examination Availability

First FRCR comprises of 4 single-best-answer question papers that will be sat over two consecutive days. The exams are typically held in February and then August/September.  

You can sit First FRCR in three UK venues: Edinburgh, London and Manchester and three non-UK venues: Dublin, Hong Kong and India.

Examination Cost

If you are a member of the Royal College, each module will cost you £123 and if you are not a member each module will cost you a total of £145.

Total cost for members: £492

Total cost for non-members: £580

The Examination Format

  1. Cancer Biology and Radiobiology – 50 questions
  2. Clinical Pharmacology – 40 questions
  3. Medical Statistics – 50 questions
  4. Physics – 40 questions

Cancer and Biology and Radiobiology will test your understanding of the process of cancer cell transformation and tumour development and how these processes may be demonstrated and the response to ionising radiation cells both individually and grouped as tissues.

Click here for exam tips on Biology.

Click here for exam tips on Radiobiology.

Clinical Pharmacology is focused on the structure, action, use and evaluation of drugs used in the treatment of a patient with cancer.

Click here for exam tips.

Medical Statistics will provide you with references to clinical trials, the assessment of results and the epidemiology of cancer.

Click here for a list of exam tips.

Physics will test your application of physical principles and methods in clinical radiotherapy, physical basis of the therapeutic uses of radioactive isotopes, radiation hazards and protection.

Click here for exam tips.

Each single-best-answer question comprises a stem (a question or statement) and five items (answers) labelled A-E. You will then need to decide which one of the five items represents the best answer to the question given in the stem.

Click here for access to the full syllabus.

Exam Marking

The exam will be marked by a computer and the following marking system will be used:

Each question answered correctly = +1 mark

Each question answered incorrectly = 0 marks

First FRCR is not negatively marked and so, it is important you try and answer all of the questions.

Revision Materials

Cancer Biology and Radiobiology

Molecular Biology of Cancer: Mechanisms, Targets and Therapeutics – Lauren Pecorino

Radiobiology for the Radiologist – Eric. J Hall, Amato J. Giaccia

Clinical Pharmacology

A beginners Guide to Targeted Cancer Treatments – Elaine Vickers

Cancer Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy Review: Study Guide for Oncology Boards and MOC Exams – Francis P. Worden, Anthony J. Perissinotti, Bernard L. Marini

Medical Statistics

Epidemiology for the Uninitiated – Coggon, Barker & Rose

Clinical Trials in Cancer: Principles and Practice – Girling, Parmar, Stenning, Stephens & Stewart

An Introduction to Medicla Statistics - Bland


Radiotherapy in Practice – Physics for Clinical Oncology – Sibtain, Morgan & MacDougall

Radiotherapy in Practice: Brachytherapy – Hoskin & Coyle

The Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations

Khan's The Physics of Radiation Therapy - Faiz Khan


Physicians' Cancer Chemotherapy Drug Manual 2019 - Edward Chu

Additional Resources

RXPG Online Revision Strategies

Tips to successfully passing

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