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Certificates of Good Standing and the GMC

  • December 30, 2019

When you apply to the GMC, you will need to send a Certificate of Good Standing from each medical regulatory authority you have been registered or licensed within the last five years. It is a requirement to do so even if you have not worked in that country.

Click here to access the Certificate of Good Standing Database.

It is essential to note that each certificate is only valid for three months from the date of which it is signed. Your certificates must be valid when you apply for your GMC Registration.


The Certificate of Good Standing must:

  • Cover all of your work in that country/state
  • Confirm that you are entitled to practise medicine in that country
  • Confirm that you have not been disqualified, suspended or prohibited from practising medicine
  • Confirm that the regulatory authority is not aware of any matters that call into question your good standing

If there is no medical regulatory authority in the country to issue a Certificate of Good Standing, you will need to ask your employers to complete the Employer Reference Form.

Additional Evidence

When you apply for your GMC Registration, you will also need to provide the GMC with the below information over the last five years:

  • Your clinical attachments
  • Unemployment
  • Maternity Leave
  • Study Leave
  • Vacation
  • Career Breaks

Translation into English

For every document you need to send to the GMC that is not in English, you must send them a copy in the original language and provide an English translation. All translations must include the contact details of the translation service or translator; this information should be attached to the translation and your documents must be stamped and signed by the translation service.

The GMC recommends that your documents are translated by:

  • Court or council appointed translators
  • Reputable commercial translation services

Before you commit to using a commercial translation service, you should check that:

  • It has a recognised professional accreditation or
  • It has a membership with a relevant professional or trade association

If you need your documents translated from the UK, you could use The Institute of Translation and Interpreting, Chartered Institute of Linguists and Association of Translation Companies.

The Application Process

When uploading your documents to your GMC application, the GMC prefer you to send the scanned copies of your documents as one PDF or ZIP file.

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