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Journey to the UK - Nandita Ghosal (Part 1)

  • May 19, 2021

What made you want to work with the NHS?

The NHS is considered one of the best healthcare systems in the world which not only gives tremendous job satisfaction but also enormous opportunity for health professionals to learn and hone their skills further.

What are you looking forward to the most about working with your NHS Trust?

This will be my first experience to work abroad, which always had been my dream. I am looking forward to practising Histopathology with experts in their field and further improving my reporting by available ancillary tests like molecular analysis and plethora of immunohistochemistry panel available all under same roof.

What are you most looking forward to about living in Manchester?

Manchester is known for its architecture, culture, sports clubs and many more things. I am looking forward to be able to experience and see all of this!

What would your advice be for other international Histopathologists looking for NHS Interviews and an NHS job?

As far as NHS jobs are concerned I think one needs to decide whether they would like to start in a district hospital or a University hospital setup. If one is really interested in research, teaching and aspire to develop their professional skills further then University Hospital is a better choice. It will be the right platform for them. But one must have prior adequate experience and an existing subspeciality interest or direction.

District General Hospitals are good for gaining more experience and confidence in reporting in addition to having a more relaxed professional life.

Regarding the interview:

  1. One must be aware of the kind of samples that particular hospital receives and therefore should be aware of the grossing and reporting of such samples following RCPath datasets.
  2. One must go through GMC guidelines on good medical practice in order to understand what kind of answers the interview panel expects in management questions
  3. Read about clinical audits and different parameters of it. Everything is available on google. One can check in RCPath site for some examples of histopathology audits for better understanding
  4. One must be confident and at ease when facing the interview board.
  5. Be honest about the things which you are not comfortable reporting.

Do not ask about relocation package and salary to the interview panel. Once you are offered a job, you can clarify this with the HR.

What has the recruitment and relocation process looked like for you so far? What stage of the process are you currently at?

George from BDI resourcing initially contacted me. Thereafter I enquired about this agency from some of my friends and got positive feedback. Their Facebook group which I am also a member of, is very active, informative and helpful and I am sure puts this resourcing agency ahead of others.

I personally feel that getting a job through a resourcing agency is always much more hassle free, as there are many people who are there to hold your hands and guide when you plan to venture in uncharted waters, particularly as was in my case.

I am really happy and satisfied with the support and help provided by BDI resourcing. Here I would like to mention about George, who was always there to try to find the appropriate job for me, arranging online interview, briefing me beforehand and making sure I get remuneration appropriate for my experience. Isobel helped and guided me not only in filling those endless forms but also explaining adequately about the visa process, BRP and hotel quarantine.

Having got my skilled worker visa, I am travelling at the end of this month to start my new job. I am really looking forward to it!


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