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21 Gift Ideas for Doctors

  • December 04, 2019

As the festive season is almost upon us, you might be wondering what to buy for the doctor in your life…no, not your GP (though if you’re friends with your GP and you’d like to get them a gift, don’t let us stop you!). This year we’ve compiled a special list of gifts to help busy doctors in their day-to-day lives, as well as an extra list of gifts for anyone relocating to the UK.

Gifts for Doctors

  1. Prescription Mug

Price: £8.99

A fun twist on a classic gift, a doctor can prescribe themselves a mug of strong coffee during a long shift to perk them up. This gift also comes in a fun novelty prescription box. Bonus gift idea, why not buy some nice coffee for them to use in their new mug?

Buy it from I Want One of Those .

  1. Elite Doctor Briefcase Bag

Price: £177.79

Doctors often carry a lot of items around with them to aid with their work including a stethoscope, notebooks, hospital passes, not to mention personal items such as wallets and maybe even a snack to eat on the go! This spacious and sophisticated bag has a comfortable shoulder strap making it easy to carry, as well as a leather inner pocket and penholders to utilise the space inside.

Buy it from Medisave  

  1. Engraved Parker Ballpoint Pen

Price: £64

A simple gift, but a practical one. With the amount of notetaking involved in a doctor’s daily work, they can never have enough pens! This elegant Parker pen can even be engraved with their name so that if it gets misplaced, it can be easily returned to them!

Buy it from Pen Heaven

  1. Nike Air Zoom Pulse Shoes

Price: Not yet confirmed

We’ve already shared this one on our social media pages, but we’re very excited about them! In case you missed it, Nike is bringing out a new range of shoes tailored specifically for the needs of doctors! They come in a number of fun, medical designs, are easy to clean and have been created with comfort in mind. They’re not available to buy until December 7th, so keep your eyes on Nike’s website on December 7th to get your hands on a pair!

Read more about the Nike Air Zoom Pulse shoes here.

  1. Nespresso Coffee Machine

Price: £179.99

A more luxurious way for doctors to get their caffeine fix! You can buy a variety of different coffee pods to use with this machine so they can enjoy different coffees at different times of day, depending on how much caffeine they need.

Buy it from Amazon.

  1. Hand Cream

Price: £7

Many doctors suffer with dry skin due to hospital regulations of washing and sanitizing their hands regularly. Whilst hygiene is obviously important, particularly in hospitals, many doctors would appreciate the gift of a hand cream set to soothe their hands. There are also some more heavy-duty skin creams out there for extra dry skin!

Buy it from Amazon.

  1. AirPods

Price: £159

For those rare moments when a doctor has a few moments to themselves, they might enjoy catching up on podcasts, listening to an audiobook, or just taking a moment to relax with some music. Apple’s AirPods are wireless so are easy to use on the go, and can be charged conveniently with their portable charging case. You will need to check that they are compatible with your recipient’s phone or device, but they do make an excellent and practical gift.

Buy it from the Apple website.

  1. Tefal Travel Mug

Price: £16

We realise that this is the third coffee related item on this list…and we promise it’s the last, but this Tefal travel mug is the perfect gift for a busy doctor! It’s able to keep hot drinks warm for up to 4 hours and cold drinks cool for up 8 hours, something that any doctor could benefit from in both winter and summer.

Buy it from Amazon.

  1. Fitbit

Price: £89.99

An excellent gift for doctors who want to keep track of how many steps they’re doing on the ward. It can also monitor sleep patterns, calories burned, heart rate and more. This gift is a great way for a doctor to remain aware of their own health whilst they’re caring for the health of others.

Buy it from the Fitbit website.

  1. ‘Trust me, I’m a Doctor’ Socks

Cost: £10.50

You’re probably thinking ‘socks, really?’ but hear us out. Socks get an unfair reputation for being boring gifts, but these socks are not only practical, but a fun novelty gift for your doctor friend or family member. One sock says trust me and the other says I’m a doctor.

Buy it from the Not on the High Street website.

Gifts for Relocating to the UK

  1. Hat, Scarf and Glove Set

Price: £12.99

Many joke about the cold and wet weather in England and Scotland, but this is a particularly good gift for anyone moving to the UK during the winter! UK winters can be pretty chilly, and we often see some snow before spring rolls around again, so if you know anyone who is about to relocate, they’ll certainly appreciate this gift!

Buy it from Amazon.

  1. Winter Coat

Price: £129 (men’s), £99 (women’s)

An obvious  extension of the previous gift, if you’re feeling generous this holiday period, a warm winter coat will be greatly appreciated by anyone relocating to the UK this winter!


Buy them from Marks & Spencer:




  1. Travel Guides

Price: £7.99

If someone you know is planning to move to the UK soon, or has recently moved, an excellent gift for them is a travel guide for the area they’re moving to. You can get travel guides for pretty much any location in the UK, and it might help the recipient of your gift to settle into their new city by visiting the sights and local attractions.

Buy it from Waterstones.

  1. Experience Gift

Price: £235

A similar concept to the previous gift, but if there is a specific attraction or place the recipient of your gift has always wanted to visit in the UK, an experience gift is a wonderful present to give! The experience pictured above is a sights of London one night break with the Coca-Cola London Eye for two, so even if your recipient lives in a different part of the UK, they would be able to stay in London for the night and take a trip on the London Eye. You can find experiences for many different parts of the UK on the Virgin Experience Days website.

Buy it from the Virgin Experience Days website.

  1. Cutlery and Utensils

Price: £45

When someone is relocating to a new country, they often find it cheaper and easier to buy new furniture and utensils once they arrive in the UK, as it can actually be cheaper than having belongings shipped over. With so much to replace, someone who has just relocated will likely appreciate any homeware gifted to them, even something as simple as a new cutlery set!

Buy it from Debenhams.

  1. Travel Adaptor

Price: £6.25

An item that is sometimes overlooked but is an essential is a travel adaptor! Even if someone is planning to replace many of their belongings once they arrive in the UK, it is likely that they will keep laptops, phones and other valuable electricals to take with them. It may seem like a simple gift, but your recipient will definitely thank you for it when they’re able to charge their phone or laptop once they reach the UK!

Buy it from Amazon.

  1. Book of Idioms

Price: £7.19

Many doctors who have relocated to the UK mention that they find some English sayings peculiar, or that they simply don’t understand them. This dictionary of English Idioms will not only let them have a laugh at some of the strange sayings British people use, but it will help them to integrate with their new colleagues!

Buy it from WHSmith.

  1. Treats from Home

Price: £3.99

Sometimes, it’s the simple things that people miss the most once they move to a new country. By sending someone some of their favourite snacks or treats, you can help them feel a bit less homesick.

Note: Before you post any food items, make sure that you can legally ship them to the UK, you can learn more about food regulations here.

Buy it from Amazon.

  1. Duvet Set

Price: £22.50

Another practical gift, but a popular one when someone is relocating to a new country is a new duvet cover. This gift will be particularly appreciated if your recipient is relocating from a warmer country to the UK and needs some thick winter bedsheets!

Buy it from Wayfare

  1. Personalised Calendar

Price: £7.48

A more sentimental gift is a personalized calendar. If it’s going to be a while before you get to see your recipient again, a nice way to help them feel a bit less homesick is by putting some photos of yourselves on a calendar, an added touch would be to mark off any dates that you might be visiting them or when they might be returning to their home country for a visit.

Buy it from Funky Pigeon

  1. Skype Credit

Our final gift is a bonus suggestion, but a valuable one to anyone who may have family and friends back in their home country that they won’t be able to see regularly. Skype allows you to buy credit for people to call their loved ones, and you can choose the amount you wish to gift them.

To learn how to gift Skype credit to someone, visit the Skype website.

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