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GMC Deadlines

  • July 28, 2021

When applying for your GMC Registration, there are a variety of deadlines that you must take into account. Whilst these are strictly followed, there are occasions whereby the GMC will grant some leniency if you contact them directly with an explanation of your circumstances.

If you do not fall within the set time limits and the GMC does not grant any leniency, then you will have to repeat some of the steps – so it’s important that you have an understanding of the following;

  • Your GMC registration must be approved within 2 years of passing any English test. If 2 years passes from the completion of your OET or IELTS, you will be required to re-sit.
  • PLAB 1 must be taken within 2 years of passing an English test, but if you wait this long you will have to repeat the English test for GMC registration.
  • PLAB 2 must be taken within 2 years of passing PLAB 1.
  • Your application for either provisional or full registration must be approved within 2 years of passing PLAB 2.
  • Your application for full registration must be approved within 3 years of passing a postgraduate qualification, if it has been more than 3 years then you will need to show that you have been working and kept updated since then. The type of evidence required for this will be outlined by the GMC at the point of application.
  • Any references from employers are only valid for 3 months.
  • A Certificate of Good Standing is only valid for 3 months.
  • Once you submit all of your documents to the GMC your application will stay open for 3 months. During that time the GMC may request for any missing documents or further evidence. For each time the GMC reaches back out to you requesting further paperwork, you will have a 2 week time limit to respond.

If your application is not approved within the 3-month period then you may have to submit a new application – which unfortunately may mean that some of your documentation (i.e CGS or references) are then outdated.

How can we help?

If you are an international Doctor who is looking for some advice as to what route to take towards your GMC – we can offer you some support! Send your questions and/or your CV to [email protected] . Alternatively, if you are within the final stages of obtaining your GMC or you are already registered, we can help you find your dream NHS position!

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