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Joining the NHS as an ST3 General Medicine Doctor | Dr Mazin's Story

  • August 11, 2022

Here at BDI Resourcing we think the best way to give international medical graduates an insight into what to expect from their relocation to the UK is to hear it directly from those who have done the journey already! Here Dr Mazin gives us his experience joining the NHS as an ST3 General Medicine Doctor.

How was your experience working towards MRCP?

I started my journey towards the MRCP two years after my graduation, I was able to finish it within four years, I found that the exams were easy and fair. I understand that after the pandemic there are difficulties to secure vacant seats. But I believe that this is improving by the day, and eventually it will return to its normal state.

Tell us about your journey to the UK?

I got my MRCP back in 2010, but I have not decided on coming to the UK until 2018, I have passed the OET, and I did the EPIC registration than the GMC registration. BDI Resourcing was not the first agency I worked with, I contacted a different agency and I was able to get an interview and offer, but after that I felt I was left alone to deal with tonnes of paperwork that I did not understand fully, I ended up missing that work opportunity.

Then I connected to BDI Resourcing through a friend who went through this process before I did and he encouraged me to proceed with them, he explained to me the process he went through, and I was able to understand what I was supposed to do and how, so I contacted them and I am happy that I did as I was supported throughout my application and relocation.

If like Mazin you passed your postgraduate qualification over two years before making your GMC application, you will need to complete what’s called a GEN2 form. Find more information about this here.

How did you secure your Job as an NHS Registrar in General Medicine?

After I have completed my registration at the GMC, I submitted my CV to BDI Resourcing, they secured interviews with several NHS trusts and I just went with the Isle of Wight Trust.

Tell us about your experience working on the Isle of Wight?

The island is quiet and scenic, it is a tourist destination especially in the summer months. The Hospital is small, but everyone there are very helpful and nice to work with, I believe I made the right choice with making it my first step in working for the NHS.

What advice would you give an International medical graduate wanting to join the NHS as a Medicine Registrar?

I encourage every IMG to go for it. Working for the NHS is a unique opportunity, I would encourage you to go with BDI Resourcing, they have been very helpful with my journey, not only with securing the interviews, but after that, which is usually the confusing and difficult part, which involves getting your Certificate of sponsorship (COS) and the planning to get you relocated to the UK. I understand there are a lot of paperwork and that can be intimidating at the start, but the team at BDI will help you go through it, and they will get you to your dream job, just like they did to me.

How can we help?

If you are an international Doctor and you need support in relocating to the UK and joining the NHS – we can help you! Email your CV to [email protected] today.

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