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Navigating the NHS | Dr Eman Hassan's Story

  • February 11, 2022

Here at BDI Resourcing we have had the absolute pleasure of working with Dr Eman Hassan an Acute Medicine Registrar currently working for the NHS.

Dr Eman Hassan is a wonderful and compassionate doctor who we are so proud to have as part of our growing community. Below, she has outlined her experience of working in Saudi Arabia and relocating to the UK to join the NHS! We believe her story will educate and inspire others to follow in her footsteps. 

How did you secure your Job as an NHS Registrar in Acute Medicine?

I was lucky enough to be contacted by an amazing agent from the BDI team one afternoon. I was mainly looking to get someone (a professional) to look at my CV and guide me through ways to improve it.

I have had already cleared my MRCP and IELTS and was going through the GMC registration at that time.

What does a normal day look like as an Acute Medicine Registrar?

A normal day starts at 8.30 am, we have the Morning Huddle, where the night shift team would hand over the unit to the day team. The huddle is headed by the consultant of the day and attended by almost everyone in the unit.

Then we get assigned to our locations, some of us would start at the Same Day Emergency Clinic, which is a new sort of rapid access clinic for the acute medical patients that can be sorted out and discharged, others will share in the ward rounds to care for the patients that were admitted during the previous night shift and make sure that plans are in order while the remaining team will manage the new patients that require admission.

16.30 there is another huddle to have over the unit to the evening team.

There are different working hours, I believe they vary according to trust policy, but a registrar gets to work all kinds of shifts.

What experience did you have before joining the NHS?

I worked in Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine in Egypt then KSA.

How does Acute Medicine compare to your previous role?

This is a tough question to answer. It is a completely different scope, a mix between Internal medicine, Emergency Medicine with a hint of Critical Care. The concept of Acute Medicine is relatively new in UK and it is completely not known in the Middle East.

But I believe it is a more holistic approach where I do get the acute part of the patient’s presenting complain, same as I did in ED, then I get to admit my patient, form the management plan, and see it through till the patient is safely discharged.

What support were you given by the department upon arriving?

I was lucky to have an extremely friendly and supportive team!

I was offered a proper induction, I was introduced to trust policies, had a BLS refresher course and offered a proper period of shadowing when I started.

Meanwhile all the people were approachable and keen on making me feel comfortable, my admin manager was so keen on helping me settle and the transition was extremely smooth.

I believe my transition would never have happened if it wasn’t for the great BDI team of course. They are not just doing a great job, no, you can clearly see how they go above and beyond to help international doctors settle in. By the time I arrived to UK I had absolutely no worries, they patiently walked me through everything that is expected to happen and removed any doubts of being alienated that I may have had.

Was there anything that surprised you about the NHS?

Thing? I have a very long list of amazing things.

The NHS is one of the oldest Health Care Systems in the world, the way the patient is cared for during the hospital stay, how the whole concept of “teamwork” is applied to make sure that each and every patient gets a senior care at least once during his/her stay and how the concept of care extends beyond the hospital stay to safeguarding the patient in the community and caring for their individual needs is admirable.

How everyone is always working, Consultants are ok managing a difficult IV access if called, a line manager doesn’t mind pushing beds around and helping to move patients, an ST7 registrar is fine with helping out to change the bed linen and everyone is going an extra mile to help the patient during the tough time.

One more thing to admire about the NHS is the way we –as health care team- are offered opportunities to learn, train and grow!

What was the biggest challenge for you?

Settling in the first few weeks was a little bit challenging.  Gaining my manual skills again – some things I haven’t done in years – and adjusting to the paperwork I had to do.

What was the best thing about joining the NHS?

Ah, it was a dream, I believe it is a great honor to be a part of that amazing endless team of people who care and inspire.

What advice would you give an International medical graduate wanting to join the NHS as a Registrar in Acute Medicine?

Do not hesitate, Acute Medicine is a very promising field, most of the time you will be extremely exhausted physically but the sense of satisfaction you will have after managing a tough patient or mastering a new procedure is unimaginable. And if you have a special interest in a subspecialty you can still pursue it as well.


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