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NHS Cycle to Work Scheme

  • August 14, 2019

The Cycle to Work Scheme was introduced in 1999, its aim was to encourage people to make healthier and more environmentally friendly lifestyle choices. Cycling is not only good for your health, but it saves you both time and money. The Scheme allows you to save between 25-39% on a brand-new bike, accessories and you get to spread the cost over 6 or 12 months via your salary.

Benefits of the Cycle to Work Scheme

  • Save money on the cost of a brand-new bike and equipment
  • Increase your fitness by cycling to work
  • Lose weight
  • Reduce your individual carbon footprint
  • Save money on your fuel bill
  • Enjoy scenic cycle routes to work
  • Easy to use online scheme
  • No stress over finding a car parking space
  • Have a bike within 14 days

Cycle to Work Scheme Description

The Cycle to Work Scheme is a salary sacrifice scheme, which means that instead of making a direct saving on the purchase you make, the saving will be made from the money being taken from your gross wage (pre-tax and national insurance).

Click here to calculate how much you will save.


  • You must not be within two years of retirement
  • The deductions must not take you below the lower earnings limit

How do I apply for the Cycle to Work Scheme?

  1. Ask your NHS hospital’s HR department for their personal link to the Cycle to Work Scheme. The website will then provide you with the local bike shop that is part of your scheme.
  2. Visit the bike shop and find the right bike and equipment. Ask the shop for a Cycle to Work Scheme quotation form
  3. Enter the details from the form onto the online application form. You will need your employer code to submit your application
  4. During your application, you will sign a hire agreement
  5. The UK Travel Plan Department will review your application
  6. Once approved, you should receive your certificate in around 7-10 days, longer if you require a paper certificate
  7. Contact your bike shop to make sure your new bike is ready for collection
  8. Take the e-certificate/paper certificate to the supplier in exchange for your bike and/or equipment.
  9. The payments for the bike will then be deducted from your weekly/monthly salary over 6 or 12 months, this will usually begin the month following your application

What happens at the end of the agreement?

At the end of your Hire Period an ownership fee will be due. An ownership fee is a cost you must pay at the end of your Hire Period if you wish to keep your bike. The fee enables you to retain the bike whilst you avoid any benefit-in-kind liability.

It is advised, if you wish to keep your bike, to choose the ‘own it later’ option (as it is the cheapest).

  1. Own it later – You pay a small, refundable deposit (either 3% or 7% of your certificate value) and you can continue to use the equipment for three years. No other payments are required at this time. At the end of the ‘Own it later’ period, no further action or payment is required if you wish to keep the equipment. They will retain your deposit and transfer ownership to you. If you do not wish to keep the equipment, your deposit will be refunded to you.
  2. Own it now – Take ownership of your package by paying the market value (e.g. for a one-year old package, this would be 18% or 25% of the Certificate value in accordance with the HMRC requirements.
  3. Return – If you no longer want your equipment, return it at your own cost and pay no ownership fee.

If you have any questions about the Cycle to Work Scheme, get in touch with your hospital’s HR department and they can provide you with further information.

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