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NHS Training Jobs | August Rotations

  • July 23, 2018

Every August an average of over 50,000 medical students across the UK move into new positions in new specialities and often new hospitals. This is known as the August rotation period.

When do rotations start?

Newly qualified doctors will start their posts in NHS hospitals on the first Wednesday in August.

What is the purpose of Clinical Rotations?

Clinical rotations allow medical students to apply their knowledge learnt over the five years to real-life medical scenarios.

Clinical rotations comprise of the last two years of medical education. During rotations, students shadow their clinical supervisor and other clinicians at teaching hospitals, have access to patients and gain valuable hands-on experience.

The August rotation period does not only allow junior doctors to gain practical experience but also provides them with the opportunity to improve their leadership skills by supporting more junior medics as they start their training posts.

The Success of August Rotations

At the start of a junior doctors training post, some doctors feel under pressure to know for certain which area of medicine they want to specialise in. The August rotation allows doctors to experience another area of medicine and by the end of the rotation, it should allow doctors to find the speciality they are better suited to their talents and interests and ultimately job satisfaction.

Useful Advice

Please note that during this period the HR departments in NHS hospitals will be very unresponsive as a result of the high levels of junior doctor inductions and orientations.

If you do not have a training position through a deanery – you may have a better chance of getting one in September when the hospitals know where there are gaps in the rota.

If you have come to the end of your rotations and you are now at the stage of applying for a new speciality or post – we can help. We understand that this is an overwhelming time and the decision you make will be pivotal to your career. But with our advice and guidance, along with those from family and friends – you can feel a lot more at ease.

By letting us know your personal needs and career aspirations we can help you find the perfect position. If you would like to take advantage of our help email your CV to [email protected] and one of our Specialist Advisers will be in touch.

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