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Occupational Health Appointments

  • March 24, 2021

A successful applicant for an NHS job may not take up post until they have been declared “fit” by the Occupational Health department.

All NHS staff must have a work health assessment (Occupational Health), that adheres to equal opportunities legislation and good occupational health practice. The purpose of a health assessment is to assess whether new employees:

· have a health condition or disability that requires adjustments in the workplace to enable them to undertake the post offered
· have a health condition or disability that requires restrictions to their role (e.g. Exposure Prone Procedures (EPP) workers with a blood-borne virus).

The Occupational health assessment must only be made once a job offer has been made.

The Process

A pre-placement health assessment should be carried out for NHS staff when they:
· take up their first post, whether or not this is preceded by a period of training
· are subsequently appointed by a new NHS employer
· change jobs, where this involves a significant change of their duties (e.g. non-EPP to EPP, or non-clinical to clinical).

In all cases, the assessment should take place after any offer of appointment (whether conditional or unconditional), but prior to commencement of their employment or training. Work health assessments must be carried out fairly, objectively and in accordance with equal opportunities legislation and good occupational health practice.

You will be contacted directly by your Trusts HR, once you've booked your flights to the UK, to organise and book the date of your Occupational Heatlh. If you've obtained your NHS job through an agency, such as ourselves, we will sort this out for you and let you know when and where you'll need to attend. It will normally be as soon as possible after you've completed your quarantine period.

Will I need to pay for my OH?

This is a common question that we get asked and the simple answer is; No, this is not something that you need to pay for.



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