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Russell Group Universities

  • June 29, 2022

When thinking about relocating to the UK the prospects for your children will make a huge impact on your decision. The UK have a superb schooling system and are home to some of the top universities in the world!

When looking at universities that your children may eventually be interested in you will find it interesting to learn about The Russell Group.

What are Russell Group Universities?

Established in 1994, The Russell Group is headquartered in Cambridge. Originally with 17 founding members, they sought to represent their interests to the government. The informal meetings between the leaders of these universities took place in London's Hotel Russell, hence the name.

Today The Russell Group is an association of 24 research-intensive UK institutions that share a commitment to and focus on both excellent teaching and learning opportunities and research.

Why are they so desirable?

Over 60% of the UK's annual university research grant revenue goes to Russell Group members.  This could imply that they are able to offer you the best tools and facilities. Additionally, students will get the chance to be involved in the latest research projects. 

Russell Group institutions have a significant impact on the UK and the state of its economy by conducting research that is of the highest calibre worldwide in a variety of fields and disciplines. According to the most current Research Excellence Framework, Russell Group institutions produced 68% of the UK's "world-leading" and 68% of its "outstanding impact" research.

It may be helpful to know from an international student perspective, that Russell Group universities have greater staff to student ratios and better employability and student satisfaction scores.

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