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What countries do we recruit from?

  • November 29, 2019

The NHS is heavily supported by a skilled, international workforce, who have made a significant contribution to the care of patients. Did you know that for the first time this year, more international doctors registered with the GMC than British and EU doctors? International recruitment is essential to keep the NHS workforce supply and demand in balance; our mission at BDI Resourcing.

Traditional Methods

In previous years, many NHS Trusts have tried their own recruitment methods which involved flying HR Managers and lead Clinicians out to various countries across the world to interview and secure doctors. However, this is time consuming, costly and also rarely successful. Most doctors will simply not be in a position to apply for a GMC licence in the UK as they will not have passed their Royal College examinations, or will be waiting to pass an English language qualification. This traditionally would lead to potential delays of 12 -18 months for a doctor even be in a position to work in the UK, lots of conditional offer letters being sent out, blocking up positions within departments with no realistic timescale as to when they may be able to start.

 We therefore believe in the power of online recruitment of doctors who want to live in the UK, regardless of what country they are from. It’s faster, more convenient and delivers doctors in a timely fashion to overstretched departments.

Ethical Approach

We would like to emphasise the importance of ethical recruitment. If you are recruiting outside of the EEA, you must adhere to the World Health Organisation’s Code of Practice and the NHS Employers Code of Conduct.

Principles listed on the Code of Practice

  1. International recruitment is a sound and legitimate contribution to the development of the healthcare workforce
  2. Extensive opportunities exist for individuals in terms of training and education and the enhancement of clinical practice
  3. Developing countries will not be targeted for recruitment, unless there is an explicit government-to-government agreement with the UK to support recruitment activities
  4. International health care professionals will have a level of knowledge and proficiency comparable to that expected of an individual trained in the UK
  5. International health care professionals will demonstrate a level of English language proficiency consistent with safe and skilled communication with patients, clients, carers and colleagues
  6. International healthcare professionals legally recruited from overseas to work in the UK are protected by relevant UK employment law in the same way as other employees
  7. International healthcare professionals will have equitable support and access to further education and training and continuing professional development as all other employees

Using a Recruitment Agency

BDI Resourcing is part of the NHS’ Procurement in Partnership Framework. This allows us to directly supply doctors to all NHS Trusts. BDI Resourcing do not actively recruit from any country in particular. The doctors we supply to hospitals are a result of them directly contacting us via  social media in response to the promotion of our partner NHS Trusts or directly to access our free  guidance about all things in relation to relocation to the UK.

You can find us listed on the NHS’ PiP Recruitment Agency list here.

How BDI Resourcing secure doctors: Online Recruiting

Recruiting online allows us to connect with quality doctors with the correct qualifications required to work in the UK. Social media is an essential forum for an international doctor who wants to work in the UK. They can connect with other IMGs, receive free information, feedback on hospitals and advice on personal issues. According to GlobalWedIndex, the average internet user has more than 5 social media accounts. At BDI Resourcing, we have a number of social media strategies to reach out to a global audience of healthcare talent.

Each recruitment agency will develop their own social media strategy; however, below are the reasons for our success:

  1. We create and participate in the right conversations: The key is to cut through the noise and find the right doctors. Being active on social media is the best way to get our job openings in front of doctors of which they will then apply directly for, regardless of the country they are from.
  2. Informative content: Social media goes beyond advertising our NHS job opportunities. We create and share free and useful content which leads to high engagement and in turn we organically attract doctors who want our help in securing an NHS post.
  3. All our employees are active: It is imperative that all of our team are active on social media as this increases our reach and website registrations.

Our Help

If you are an NHS hospital who has decided that you would like our support in helping you speak with international doctors eligible to work in the UK, contact us at [email protected] for further information.

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