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What to do after the MTI Scheme - switching to a Normal Role

  • May 21, 2020


The Medical Training Initiative (MTI) is a national scheme designed to allow a small number of doctors to enter the UK from overseas for a maximum of 24 months, so that they can benefit from training and development in NHS services before returning to their home countries. However, many Doctors decide to switch to a normal role within the NHS either during or after their MTI placement. In light of this, the following Blog article aims to outline how to switch to a normal role after the MTI scheme.

Can I switch Visas?

In regards to Visa’s, all participants of the MTI scheme will be granted a Tier 5 Visa and this is what they will have throughout the 2 year placement. In normal circumstances, the Tier 5 regulations state that a Doctor can’t move directly to a Tier 2 Visa however they can return to their home country once their Tier 5 Visa expires to then apply for a different Visa with a valid CoS.

These regulations however have changed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown measures. Due to travel restrictions and government regulations, Doctors can now switch from a Tier 5, 4, Dependent, and Visit Visa to a Tier 2 Visa if they have an ‘employer who assigns them a Certificate of Sponsorship’. This means that those on the MTI scheme or those completing the MTI scheme can, at current, switch to a Tier 2 Visa.

How do I find a suitable job?

On completion of the MTI scheme, applying for your first NHS Job is the same process as any other Doctor. You will need to consider what job it is you would like to obtain and what location in the UK you would prefer to relocate to. Additionally before sending off any applications, make sure your CV and references are up to date.

Once you are ready to start the application process you can choose to use a recruitment agency and/or the NHS Jobs website. If you are at this stage in the process, send your CV to BDI Resourcing ([email protected]) and we will help you with your job search. One of our recruiters will be in contact with you shortly after you send us your CV and will talk you through the opportunities we have available to you.

How can we help?

If you’re a doctor considering leaving the MTI scheme in search of an NHS position or you have completed the scheme and are ready to find your first NHS position, BDI Resourcing can offer support with this. Email your CV to [email protected] and one of our recruiters will be in contact regarding open vacancies. We will also provide you with interview support and preparation.

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