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Which Medical Recruitment Agency should an NHS hospital choose?

  • January 06, 2020

Choosing a both reputable and ethical agency is essential to ensure a successful international recruitment campaign. In this blog post, we share the top six reasons on how to guarantee your NHS Trust partners with the best medical recruitment agency.

NHS Procurement in Partnership Framework

The most important factor to consider is whether the medical recruitment agency in question is part of the NHS Procurement in Partnership Framework. This framework gives permission to a particular number of agencies to directly supply doctors to all NHS Trusts.

You can find BDI Resourcing listed on the NHS’ PiP Recruitment Agency list here.

Case Studies

Case studies are one of the most valuable tools when deciding which agency to go into business with. Case studies will help you establish an agency’s expertise. By reading into their data, facts and figures regarding their service to hospitals is one of the best ways to make your decision. A case study will give you a great insight into how they have solved hospital staffing problems and provided transformative solutions; it will help certain agencies stand out from others, with a clear explanation to the value that they can offer your hospital.


Your requirements for a doctor can often be very specific and so, it is invaluable to have a Specialist Recruiter on hand who understands and has access to a database of doctors for each medical specialty. Sourcing, profiling and screening doctors with the right qualifications and experience can be a difficult process. The documentation required for a doctor is also a complex and lengthy process. You should therefore always ask if you will be liaising with one Specialist Recruitment Consultant throughout the process.

Furthermore, the agency should also put you in contact with their Compliance and Relocation Support team so, once you have made a doctor a job offer, they can aid them with obtaining their references, CoS documents, Tier 2 visa documents and help with the relocation process itself.

To summarise, it is important that the agency you work with has a strong strategy for candidate selection and campaign management to allow you to dedicate more time into your internal resources and concentrating on improving your hospital.

Online Presence

A highly reputable and professional agency will be in a position to access a range of quality, active and passive doctors in addition to possessing a wide network of contacts collected over their years in the business. The agency should search engine optimise their job adverts to rank highly in job searches. Doctors who are actively seeking work in the UK are more likely to register with a recruitment agency that has a high reputation through word of mouth. This can be evidenced by their reviews, including both Google and Facebook. Looking at a company’s online presence can give you an insight into their culture, values, reputation and their skills and knowledge within the industry.


A good staffing website is a good indicator of success. Looking at a medical recruitment company’s website will help you decide on their credibility and provide you with a clear introduction into the quality of their service. If the website has easy navigation, it will help doctors navigate seamlessly through various job lists, across a variety of specialties and make the task of staffing, simpler and quicker. Second, it is essential for their website to possess keywords and have SEO rich content. For a recruitment agency to reach the top of the search engine results page, there are some SEO tactics that every staffing website must incorporate. Having these functions will increase the traffic to their website as doctors seeking UK jobs will find it easier to find the company, easier to navigate through the content and job lists and apply to jobs – increasing the pool of doctors you can choose from. Third, what content is posted on their website? Do they provide free information for all to access? Do they provide clear help and support? Can you clearly see their values? Their policies? Have they received awards?

Social Media Presence

A medical recruitment agency’s social media presence is their entire brand. 42% of the world’s population uses social media and so, a strong social media presence for a medical recruitment agency is essential. Looking at their social media channels will portray their personality, their culture and their professionalism. As we know, we are having to look further afield for doctors, so a good social media presence will allow an agency to be contacted with highly experience and qualified doctors fast and consistently. They can engage with their target audience and find doctors they may never have found through traditional hiring methods. On a platform like LinkedIn, you can specifically target your connections and an audience that relates to your business via paid and organic job advertisements. It is essential to make sure that the agency you work with abides by ethical recruitment and they do not target any countries in particular.

Although social media is a fantastic way of advertising medical opportunities within the NHS, it is important an agency’s feed does not just consist of job adverts. When researching, look to see if they provide doctors with free information in the form of vlogs, YouTube videos, infographics… If they have strong community engagement, they are likely to be the right agency for you.

Rates and Rebates

When you decide to work with a medical recruitment company, always ask for the rates and rebates terms. If you work with a good, reputable agency they will provide you with good fees that will help you save money in the long-run compared to using agency locum staff to fill long-term gaps.

Each medical recruitment agency will have their own rates and rebate scale, so always check this before you agree to partner with them.

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