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Joining the NHS as an ST3 General Medicine Doctor | Dr Mazin's Story

By Fern Tithecott
August 11, 2022

Here at BDI Resourcing we think the best way to give international medical graduates an insight into what to expect from their relocation to the UK... Read More

How do I prove my right to work to my new NHS Trust? | Share codes

By Fern Tithecott
August 10, 2022

You’re just about to start at your brand-new NHS Trust and your employer asks you for a share code before you can start... Read More

A snapshot into... Hull

By Fern Tithecott
August 08, 2022

Hull, also known as Kingston upon Hull, is a port city in East Yorkshire, England. In 2017 Hull was labelled the UK’s City of Culture... Read More

Overview of the FRCR Clinical Oncology examinations

By Fern Tithecott
August 05, 2022

If you are an international Clinical Oncologist and you are planning to work at Registrar level within the UK &ndash... Read More

Make sure you ask this in your NHS interview! | questions to ask and questions not to ask!

By Fern Tithecott
August 03, 2022

The journey to obtaining full GMC Registration with a licence to practice requires hard work, determination and passion. So... Read More

A snapshot into... Telford

By Fern Tithecott
August 01, 2022

Known as the birthplace of the industrial revolution, Telford blends the best of the old and new... Read More

TB Testing - What to expect from your appointment

By Fern Tithecott
July 29, 2022

TB tests are a requirement for some visa applications (check if you will need one here) If your home country is on this list then you will need to... Read More

How to correctly answer Ethical Scenarios in an NHS interview

By Fern Tithecott
July 27, 2022

There is a high chance your NHS interview panel will give you an ethical scenario. ... Read More

A snapshot into ... Huddersfield

By Isobel Barry
July 25, 2022

A snapshot into… Huddersfield On the banks of the River Colne, in West Yorkshire... Read More

CESR Specialty Specific Guidance for Haematology

By Fern Tithecott
July 20, 2022

This guidance is to help doctors who are applying for entry onto the Specialist Register with a CESR in Haematology... Read More

A snapshot into... Salford

By Fern Tithecott
July 18, 2022

With its glittering architecture and waterfront cafés, Salford Quays is a modern hub for culture and leisure. The city's green spaces... Read More

Why short-term accommodation is necessary when relocating to the UK

By Fern Tithecott
July 15, 2022

Applying for positions, attending NHS interviews and then getting an offer! All of these stages can be overwhelming as well as exciting... Read More

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