Psychiatry is a broad specialism focussed on helping those with a wide range of mental health disorders – it is generally considered a middle ground between neurology and psychology. Whilst many doctors in the NHS will be responsible for “General Psychiatry”, there are a number of more specific subset interest areas including (but not limited to) General Adult Psychiatry, CAMHS, Forensic Psychiatry, Addiction and Sleep Medicine. Psychiatry is currently a very understaffed specialism within the UK, so with more recognition being given to the importance of mental well-being and demand on Psychiatry services increasing each year, there are great career prospects within the NHS.

What is required to be a Psychiatrist in the UK?

The only post graduate qualification recognised by the GMC for purpose of an IMG gaining a medical license to practice in Psychiatry, is MRCPsych (Membership of the Royal College of Psychiatrists). MRCPsych provides reassurance that an IMG has obtained a core skill level equivalent to that of a UK trained Psychiatrist. The highest demand within this speciality is for doctors with over 3 years of specific Psychiatry experience and the most sought after sub-speciality interest areas is usually CAHMS.

What our experts have to say?

“My advice would be that if you want to work/train in Psychiatry in the UK, complete MRCPsych rather than going down the PLAB route. I would also suggest being open to working in general psychiatry or other sub-speciality areas for your first job - the most important thing you need is some NHS experience and a UK reference, once you are ‘in the system’ it becomes much easier to navigate towards your ideal role.”

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Speciality Doctor Forensic Psychiatry

£50000 - £70000
South East
Fixed Term

The Post

A South England NHS Trust are looking for a diverse, motivated and committed international doctor for a Speciality Doctor Forensic Psychiatry position. 

All applicants must have a diverse portfolio with experience in mental health, learning disabilities and community health services. 

Membership of the Royal College of Psychiatrists is essential.

Post Requirements

  • MRCPysch
  • A pass in IELTS / OET 
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