16th November 2016

For Clients

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https://www.mondebatterie.com/gambling-websites/ The issues facing the recruitment of doctors in the NHS can be summed up in one sentence – there are simply not enough doctors in the UK to fill the number of jobs that are outstanding.

For too long, the only viable solution to this problem has been to enlist the help of expensive agency Locums who do not offer continuity of care for patients and are not a sustainable solution for departments facing tough financial pressures.

There is an alternative.

BDI Resourcing are experts in attracting doctors from around the world to fill vacant gaps in the UK on a permanent or fixed term basis. We provide clear advice to our candidates on all aspects of the registration process from IELTS tuition and Royal College exam revision courses right through to expert advice on visa applications and relocation support. The result is that the candidates joining you are better equipped for the job, quicker to settle in and far more likely to stay. We want the experience to be simple and hassle free for everyone involved.

Furthermore the candidates we provide, join you directly for fixed term or permanent contracts so there are no ongoing hourly rates or extortionate salaries to pay. You employ them based on NHS pay circulars and we simply charge a one-off introduction fee based on a percentage of that salary.

Our team is separated in to specialist sectors, however our aim is always the same… To provide sustainable staffing solutions.

If you have had difficulties recruiting to a particular post, are looking to replace incumbent agency Locums with direct members of staff or would simply like to explore international recruitment further then please get in touch below.


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