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Everything you need to know about verifying your medical qualifications

  • October 13, 2020

All IMGs applying for their GMC Registration will need to have their primary medical qualification verified by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG).

In this article, we want to share some top tips on verifying your medical qualifications and hopefully make the process that little bit easier for you.

  1. Check the criteria

Before sending your qualification off to ECFMG it is important to check that your primary medical qualification is on the list of acceptable overseas medical qualifications. If your qualification is not listed, you will need to contact the GMC for further advice.

Please note that verification is also required if you are applying for registration through the approved postgraduate qualification route (rather than the PLAB route). In this case, you will need to verify both your primary medical qualification and your postgraduate qualification.

  1. Start the verification process as early as possible

When you request for your qualification to be verified, ECFMG will contact the organisation which gave you your medical qualification (e.g. a medical school or a Royal College) and ask them to confirm that your qualification is genuine.

The GMC can only keep applications open for 90 days, so it is a good idea to make the verification of your qualifications one of the first steps you take to prepare to work in the UK as the verification process can be lengthy.

You can start the verification process as far in advance as financially possible, for example before taking PLAB Part 1.

For guidance on how to set up an EPIC account please click here.

  1. In most instances, you will only need to have your primary medical qualification and postgraduate qualification verified

Most doctors worry that they will now need to have all their documents verified, for example, an internship certificate – however, this is not the case.

It is only your primary medical qualification and postgraduate qualification that will need to be verified.

  1. Advantages to verification

The first advantage is that once you have had your qualification verified by ECFMG, the check will last for your entire career. Therefore, if you decided to work in another country where this is required, you would not need to have this verified again. Other countries that require this are Australia, the USA, Canada and the Republic of Ireland.

Second, your EPIC account allows you to build an online portfolio of your medical qualifications, which you can update as you progress throughout your career.

The third advantage of verification is that if you are re-applying for GMC Registration, you will not need to have your qualifications verified again. You will simply need to enter your existing EPIC ID number in your GMC application and use EPIC to send a verification report to them.

  1. Other registration requirements remain unchanged

The registration process for IMGs has not changed.

You will still need to:

  • Evidence your English language skills - via IELTS or OET
  • Attend an ID check at the GMC Offices – either London or Manchester
  • Provide the GMC with evidence of good standing, where required

Overall, the introduction of the verification from ECFMG simply confirms to the GMC that your qualifications are genuine.


Amison, R. (2018). 10 things you need to know about verifying your medical qualifications. [online] Medical professionalism and regulation in the UK. Available at:

If you have a query about the verification process or GMC Registration, then email your question to [email protected] and we will be happy to help you.

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Originally Published: 05/09/2020
Updated: 13/10/2020


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