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Clinical Scenarios in NHS Interviews

  • April 22, 2020

Familiarising yourself with the NHS interview layout and questions with answers will help you make a great impression to your potential employer. This blog article specifically aims to explore Clinical Scenarios, what they are and how these questions should be addressed within an NHS interview.

Within your NHS interview you will at some stage be presented with a Clinical Case or Scenario. The interview panel will give you time to think about this and then ask you about your potential response. The aim of this is to assess your:

  • patient care skills
  • diagnostic and treatment planning skills
  • ability to prioritise key facts (some of the information given may be irrelevant)
  • ability to make confident recommendations, or equally decide you don’t have enough information to take a definite course of action

It is very difficult to predict what clinical scenarios you will be asked by the Trust due to the fact they vary entirely depending on the grade that you’re interviewing for, and of course the specialty that you’re applying for as well. Due to this, it is important to practice and prepare a wide range of responses and questions. You should consider how you would deal with certain aspects of your role, including:

  • Clinical techniques
  • Prescribing Medicine
  • Professional Behaviour
  • Communication and Team discussions
  • Difficult patients
  • History taking and management planning
  • Specialism knowledge or lack of
  • Input from senior colleagues

It is important to note, that in many situations there is no specific correct answer. The interview panel want to feel confident that you will be able to adapt quickly to practice in the UK and be able to responsibly deal with a variety of different scenarios that may arise. There wont be anything to trip you up and the interview panel will want to hear safe and honest answers. In this sense, do not be afraid to use answers like “I would refer this to a consultant or a senior registrar”.

Another useful tip for interview preparation is to make sure you research the Trust values and policies for best practice. If possible, you will be able to highlight your understanding of these and your ability to adhere to them in your clinical scenario answers.

Finally, whilst BDI Resourcing cannot predict the scenarios that you will be asked within your NHS interview we can certainly provide you with some example questions based on your specialty. If you have an upcoming NHS interview and would like some more guidance with Clinical Scenarios, do get in touch and email us at: [email protected]


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