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EDIC Part 1 Online

  • March 10, 2021

Following COVID restrictions, the EDIC Part 1 examination can now be taken online! This Blog Article aims to explain what to expect for the online examination and how it differs to previous.

The EDIC Committee aims to provide candidates with the safety and convenience of an online platform, while retaining the integrity and quality of an on-site supervised exam. The new online format of the EDIC Part I exam is

  • Identical in content and questions format to previous on-site paper-based exams.
  • Accessible anywhere in the world.
  • Taken on the candidate’s own device (computer only) and monitored by a human proctor online through ProctorU®

What equipment is needed?

Candidates must verify that their computer meets the requirements before registering for the EDIC Part I exam. The exam cannot be taken if these requirements are not met.The following material is required:

  • a strong and stable internet connection
  • a webcam, speaker and microphone (no headset)

It is highly recommended that candidates check all of the system requirements and verify they have the necessary equipment to take the exam by going to

What is expected from the candidates on the day of the exam?

More information about what to expect on the day of the examination is also available on the ProctorU® website.
Before the exam session begins, it is highly recommended that you

  • Restart your computer completely.
  • Ensure you have no technical problems. All issues must be resolved well in advance of the appointment time.
  • Close all unnecessary browsers and applications for the exam.
  • Have ready the requested documents for the identity check (passport and invitation letter with EDIC registration number).

Your exam environment must meet the following requirements:

  • the room where the exam is taken must be quiet and well lit
  • you must be alone in the room
  • your workspace must be clear from all materials and unauthorised supports
  • there should be no background noise from music or television

Finally, candidates must be dressed appropriately, with their face visible to the proctor.

Check-in and identification process

All candidates are required to create their own user account on the ProctorU® platform through the individual link provided by the EDIC Secretary after validation of the application form.
On the day of the EDIC Part I exam, you are invited to

  • Login to your ProctorU® account at your appointment time.
  • Complete the authentication steps, which include showing your ID (or passport) to the proctor. The name on your ID must match the name provided during the registration process.
  • Follow the proctor instructions. He/ she will ask you to:
    • Give access permission to the computer screen for monitoring purposes
    • Use the camera to show a 360-degree view of the room
  • Once these conditions are met the proctor will invite you to start the exam.

The check-in and identification process should take approximately 10 minutes.

During the exam, the entire EDIC Part I exam will be recorded by ProctorU® and monitored by a human proctor.

  • During the exam, the proctor will monitor candidates (via the camera) and their computer screens to ensure all exam procedures are being followed.
  • Candidates must be visible to the proctor at all times during the exam session. No breaks are allowed.
  • Candidates can interact with the proctor by speaking to him/her or using the chat option.
  • Candidates are not allowed to take notes on paper during the examination.
  • Candidates have use of the “whiteboard” for rough working during the examination. No other form of note taking is permitted during the examination. This whiteboard will be erased in front of the proctor at the end of the exam.

The exam policies are:

  • The use of unauthorised materials, including mobile devices, connected watches, prewritten notes or books, is prohibited.
  • The use of any recording equipment is prohibited.
  • The proctor is the sole person with whom candidates may communicate while the exam is in progress.
  • Speaking aloud during the exam is permitted only if strictly necessary.
  • The candidates cannot be out of camera view. No breaks are allowed throughout the whole duration of the exam.
  • Taking pictures, screenshots or trying to copy/paste any element of the exam content is strictly prohibited.
  • Candidates must behave in an appropriate manner. Any conduct that the proctor deems to be vulgar, offensive, pornographic, obscene, abusive or criminal is strictly prohibited.

Suspicious actions are flagged in the online proctoring system and will be reported to the EDIC Committee.
If any suspicious activity is detected on the part of any candidate, his/her exam session will be terminated, the exam will be invalidated and the registration fees will not be refunded.

Finished EDIC?

If you have already been successful in passing EDIC Part 1 and 2 and are looking to practice within the NHS, then we can help! Send your CV to; [email protected]


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