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How to prepare for an NHS Anaesthetics interview

  • February 17, 2022

If you have been invited to an Anaesthetics interview massive congratulations! You may have landed here because you are now keen to give yourself the best chance at being successful and securing a position within the NHS by familiarize yourself with the structure of an NHS Anaesthetics interview. In this article we aim to do just that!

The structure of an Anaesthetics NHS interview

The last couple of years has seen many changes to the interview process within the NHS, the most significant being the introduction of online interviews.  Whilst the interviews may still continue online there will still be 2/3 assessors in your interview. It is expected that during most interviews with NHS Trusts each person will grant you a score out of 50. You will be scored on numerous areas which will be underlined after each section in this blog.

Section one – Introductions and CV run through 

In this initial section the assessors will give you a brief introduction of themselves and the Trust. They may talk about the department and what you can expect from the interview process. They will then walkthrough your CV with you so this will be your opportunity to add any details that may not on there! Do ensure you have a copy of your CV to hand. This way you can follow the format of your CV as this is what they will be using as a guide.

In this initial stage of the interview you will be scored on:

  • Qualifications & experience
  • Involvement in either teaching, QI, Audit and research. 

Section two – Clinical and Ethical Scenarios

In this section you will be asked either a clinical or ethical scenarios – sometimes both. You can see how to answer these sections here. Do send us an email with your CV if you would like a list of clinical scenarios that the Trust may ask you, according to your CV.

The clinical section will score you on:

  • decision making
  • team working
  • reflection
  • working under pressure

So make sure you cover all of these topics!

Section three - Goals and Motivations

In this section you will be asked about your motivations for moving to the UK and working for the NHS. It Is crucial here that you express your passion for Anaesthetics.

This section of the interview will score you on:

  • Commitment to specialty
  • Reflection

The more you can display a passion for your field the better! The Trust want to hear that you are keen and reliable.

Section four – Questions

An interview is not just about reciting well-rehearsed answers to common question, it is an opportunity for a conversation between you and your prospective NHS Trust, a chance to build rapport, impress and gather essential information. Therefore ensure that you have some questions ready to ask them. This can be about thr role, the local area or career progrssion! 

Our top tips for Anaesthetists

  1. Plan your answers in advance using the scoring points we have given you above to ensure you cover all the topics they want to hear about.
  2. Ensure that you dress appropriately – look smart. If you are conducting your interview online this should still remain the same. If you are interviewing whilst at work your hospital uniform is fine.
  3. Make sure the room you are interviewing in is quiet and your internet connection is strong.
  4. Be yourself - It is normal to be nervous but remember to smile and relax the best you can in order to present your best self!

How can we help?

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