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Study Leave within the NHS

  • September 30, 2022

Study leave is leave that allows time, inside or outside of the workplace, for formal learning that meets the requirements of the curriculum and personalised training objectives. This includes but is not restricted to participation in:

  • study (linked to a course or programme)
  • research
  • teaching
  • taking examinations
  • attending conferences for educational benefit
  • rostered training events

Study leave for Consultants

Consultants are eligible for professional or study leave for postgraduate reasons with the approval of the hiring authority. It includes learning (often but not always on a course), research, teaching, examining or taking tests, visiting clinics, and going to professional conferences. For all consultants, there is a contractual entitlement of 30 days study and professional leave with pay and expenses within each three-year period. Some employers will interpret this as 10 days per year. Check local agreements as appropriate.

Study leave for Junior Doctors

Attendance at statutory and mandatory training (including any local departmental training) is not counted as study leave. This means you do not have to use your study leave to attend obligatory training.

Requests for study leave should be viewed positively in most circumstances, provided that service delivery needs can be safely met.



Days per annum

Foundation doctor year 1

15 days

All other doctors in training

30 days

If you are on a contract of employment of less than 12 months’ duration you are entitled to study leave on a pro rata basis.

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