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How do I organise my CESR evidence?

  • September 26, 2019

If you are an international doctor who has completed all of your training outside of the UK and you would like to become a Consultant within the NHS, you will need to apply for CESR.

CESR stands for Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration.

Please read our article A guide to CESR for more in-depth information on how CESR can be advantageous to your career.

The process can take over six months and you will need to prepare various pieces of evidence to support your application. Your evidence and documentation you need to provide differs depending on what specialty you are applying for.

Click here for access to specialty specific guidance.

How much do I need to evidence?

The GMC state that they will be able to process your application quicker if you only send them relevant evidence. The GMC usually expects to see between 800 and 1,000 pages of evidence. Electronically, this equates to around 100-150 uploaded documents across your whole application.

Click here to access the step-by-step guide on how to apply for CESR.

The GMC’s tips when uploading your evidence:

  • If your evidence is over five years old the Royal College will give it considerably less weight compared to your most recent evidence, so, you may not need to include it
  • Providing more evidence in one area will not compensate for deficiencies in another
  • Do not duplicate your evidence
  • Do not provide evidence for sections in the specific guidance the GMC have confirmed are not needed for your specialty
  • All documents you upload should have a clear and appropriate title with a description
  • The quality and variety of your evidence is important

Can I use hard evidence to apply for CESR?

If you have any hard copy evidence that you need to submit, you must follow the structure of your specialty specific guidance when ordering your evidence. Click here to follow the GMC’s guidance.

The GMC states that you should create a divider for each section of your evidence and use A4 paper. Similar to your electronic evidence, each piece of evidence should have a clear title and a description.

What happens after I have submitted my evidence?

If your application is successful it means that you have met the assessment standards for Specialist Registration or GP Registration in full.

The GMC will then invite you to an ID check and you will need to bring the original versions of your documents for full registration to the appointment. You will have three months to attend and if you do not have your ID check within this time your application will be closed and you will need to re-apply with an additional fee.

If your application is unsuccessful, the GMC will tell you why. They will then provide you with a list of recommendations to improve your application with a list of missing evidence or the training that you need to complete.

You can then apply for a review within 12 months of receiving the GMC’s recommendations.

Click here to apply for a review.

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