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Overview of MRCP PACES

  • October 01, 2019

As a Medicine Doctor, to work at ST3+ level within the UK’s National Healthcare System, you will need to obtain full MRCP and a pass in IELTS/OET to evidence your English language skills.

Full MRCP consists of:




In this blog post, we provide you with an overview of the cost of the exam, the examination format, skills tested and a list of useful revision resources.

How much is MRCP PACES?



International test centres



PACES stands for Practical Assessment of Clinical Examination Skills. The exam is designed to test your clinical knowledge and skills of trainee doctors who wants to enter specialist Medicine training.

To sit MRCP PACES, you must have passed the Part 1 and 2 written exams within the last seven years. The Royal College advises that you should have at least two years’ clinical experience following your primary medical qualification.

At a glance:

  • A half-day examination
  • Takes place in a clinical setting (hospital or clinical skills)
  • Five stations
  • Eight patient encounters
  • Two independent examiners at each station

What countries can I sit MRCP PACES in?

Brunei, Egypt, Hong Kong, India, Kuwait, Malaysia, Malta, Myanmar, Nairobi, Oman, Qatar, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Sudan, UAE and various UK test centres.

What is the format of the exam?

The MRCP PACES exam consists of five clinical stations, each assessed by two independent examiners.

You can start at any one of the five stations and then you will rotate around at 20-minute intervals until you have completed all stations. You will have a five-minute break between each station.

Station 1

Respiratory – 10 minutes

Abdominal – 10 minutes

Station 2

History taking – 20 minutes

Station 3

Cardiovascular – 10 minutes

Neurological – 10 minutes

Station 4

Communication skills and ethics – 20 minutes

Station 5

Brief clinical consultation 1 – 10 minutes

Brief clinical consultation 2 – 10 minutes

What skills will I be tested on?

Physical examination, identifying physical signs, clinical communication, differential diagnosis, clinical judgement, managing patients’ concerns and maintaining patient welfare.

Click here to access the Royal College’s station scenarios to aid your revision.

Revision Resources


Clinical Medicine for the MRCP PACES Pack


The Pocketbook for PACES

An aid for MRCP PACES

Revision Notes

Dr Fitz Revision Notes

PACES Revision Notes

MRCP Revision Notes

Revision Courses

Clinical Skills Pro (Online)

Ealing (London) PACES

RCP London

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