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TEE for FRCA | What is it and who can apply?

  • December 08, 2021

An Anaesthetist Royal College membership is an essential requirement to become eligible to sit all the FRCA examinations. Anaesthetists who are working outside of the UK do not currently qualify for any of the College membership categories.

Temporary Examination Eligibility (TEE) bridges this gap and allows overseas doctors to satisfy the membership requirement and become eligible for the Primary FRCA examinations.

However, doctors must have worked in the NHS for at least one year to become eligible for the Final FRCA examinations and therefore, TEE applicants are not eligible to sit the Final FRCA examinations unless they take up a role in the NHS UK and will have worked in that role for at least 12 months prior to the date of the Final exam they are applying for.

This Blog explains everything you need to know about the TEE including how to apply, it’s validity and how to use it.

Who is TEE for?

Temporary Examination Eligibility (TEE) is open to any practising anaesthetist in the world who wishes to sit the FRCA Primary Examinations.

College membership is a prerequisite for taking the FRCA Examinations. Anaesthetists who are working outside of the UK and therefore do not qualify for any of the College membership categories, can apply for TEE as a means to take the Primary FRCA examinations.

How do I apply for TEE?

To apply for TEE you must be a practising anaesthetist, living and working outside the UK.

You will need to complete the electronic application form here and make sure to upload the following documents, otherwise your application will be rejected by the Royal College:

  • proof of registration with the Medical Council of the country or region in which you are practicing.
  • proof of primary medical qualification or medical degree.
  • proof of foundation training, an example can be found here
  • proof of speciality training in anaesthesia of a minimum of 6 months. This can be a certificate or a letter of confirmation from your hospital.
  • proof of your current job role/ that you are practising anaesthesia

Once you have submitted your TEE application form, it may take a small while for the examination team to get back to you. When your application has been processed and assuming TEE is granted, you will receive a confirmation letter via email.

The email will include instructions on how to apply for exams and your unique TEE number. You will also be prompted to pay for your TEE registration online which will be sent to you by the College's finance department. The current annual TEE membership fee is £105.

When can I apply for TEE?

New TEE applicants must have their TEE applications approved prior to their application for the FRCA Primary MCQ examination. Please refer to the examinations calendar and time your application for TEE appropriately. Please also make sure you state on application, which sitting you intend to attend as this will help the Royal College to assign you the correct TEE period.

There are three TEE deadline dates per year. This is designed to allow you a maximum number of attempts at the Primary MCQ exam within your TEE period.

The TEE period is slightly over twelve months. In this time, it is possible to successfully attempt and pass each part of the FRCA Primary Examination. If your TEE period expires before you have passed each component, then you can renew TEE by submitting another application form, proof that you are still registered with a medical council and evidence that you are still working. There is no need to submit the other documents.

There is no limit to the number of times that you can renew your TEE, but it’s important to note that a candidate can only make six attempts at each exam component.

I have a TEE number how do I apply for Exams?

Once you have been issued with a TEE number, you can simply use this to apply for exams. You should then apply for the exams via the Royal College website in the normal fashion. Pay careful attention to the examinations calendars for when to apply for your intended exam as late applications will not be accepted.

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