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A snapshot into... Manchester

By Fern Tithecott
May 11, 2022

Manchester is known as ‘the powerhouse of the North of England’. It has a population of 530... Read More

Eid celebrations within the UK

By Fern Tithecott
April 29, 2022

The UK is home to over 3... Read More

Special Educational Needs (SEN) support in the UK

By Fern Tithecott
March 17, 2022

Special schools are those that provide an education specifically for children with special educational needs or disabilities... Read More

Religion and places to worship in Bristol

By Fern Tithecott
February 07, 2022

Finding a familiar community when relocating is key... Read More

NHS Pensions Explained

By Fern Tithecott
January 24, 2022

The NHS Pension Scheme is for those that work within the country’s health service. On 1 April 2015... Read More

How to select the right school for your child in the UK

By Fern Tithecott
January 10, 2022

Making the move to the UK can be an exciting and prosperous time for you but it can also open doors for your children too... Read More

Inspiring black healthcare workers | #Blackhistorymonth

By Fern Tithecott
October 12, 2021

For generations, people of African and Caribbean descent have been an integral part of British history. #Blackhistorymonth... Read More

Do You Know All Of These UK Phrases?

By Fern Tithecott
September 08, 2021

Understanding those around you can make such a difference when settling into a new country. If you want to “hit the ground running&rdquo... Read More

A Consultants Life in Acute Medicine in the NHS

By Alice Howe
May 10, 2021

Hello, I am Dr.Siddharth Kadri. I am working as a Consultant in Acute Medicine in an NHS Trust in the East Midlands. I joined the NHS in March 2020... Read More

Religion and Places of Worship in South Wales

By Alice Howe
April 09, 2021

Wales has several ethnic communities, many of whose members belong to non-Christian faiths. All the world'... Read More

Places to Live in South Wales

By Alice Howe
March 03, 2021

Choosing and researching where you'd like to live, when relocating to any location in the UK, is a priority for all of our Doctors... Read More

Working in Wales

By Alice Howe
February 17, 2021

Wales is a Country in the South West of the UK and is popular for its beautiful coastline, mountainous national parks and distinctive Welsh language... Read More

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