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Study Leave within the NHS

By Fern Tithecott
September 30, 2022

Study leave is leave that allows time, inside or outside of the workplace... Read More

Maternity leave pay entitlements under the NHS scheme

By Fern Tithecott
September 28, 2022

At the beginning of the 11th week prior to the anticipated week of childbirth... Read More

Emergency Services within the UK

By Isobel Barry
September 21, 2022

The UK has three main emergency services available which are... Read More

Useful points of contact for help in the UK

By Fern Tithecott
September 16, 2022

Every country will have their own norms when it comes to who to contact for specific instances... Read More

UK weather and how to prepare

By Fern Tithecott
September 14, 2022

The climate in the UK is moderate. This often means that Britain experiences warm and sunny summers and cool, damp winters... Read More

GP and Dentist registration in the UK

By Fern Tithecott
September 07, 2022

As a doctor on a Skilled Worker visa you will now be entitled to use NHS services... Read More

Supporting Professional Activities (SPA) time for Specialist doctors

By Fern Tithecott
September 02, 2022

Many job adverts will talk about offering dedicated SPA time in your job plan... Read More

A Snapshot into ... Bury St Edmunds

By Fern Tithecott
August 22, 2022

In the centre of East Anglia, which is quickly growing as a result of the infusion of new technology around Cambridge, sits Bury St Edmunds... Read More

How to apply for UK schools

By Fern Tithecott
August 17, 2022

Your NHS position has been secured, now you get to do the fun part - relocating... Read More

A snapshot into... Eastbourne!

By Fern Tithecott
August 14, 2022

On the southeast coast of England sits the popular resort town Eastbourne. Victorian hotels, the 19th-century Eastbourne Pier... Read More

Russell Group Universities

By Fern Tithecott
June 29, 2022

When thinking about relocating to the UK the prospects for your children will make a huge impact on your decision... Read More

A snapshot into... Manchester

By Fern Tithecott
May 11, 2022

Manchester is known as ‘the powerhouse of the North of England’. It has a population of 530... Read More

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