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How to get CCT for Specialist Registration

By Daniel Platts
January 31, 2023

The Certificate of Completion of Training (abbreviated to CCT) is the most traditional route towards getting on the NHS specialist register... More info

Cost of Relocating to the UK for IMGs

By Daniel Platts
January 30, 2023

NHS relocation packages offer financial support to international medical graduates embarking on the big move to the UK. The question is... More info

Medical and Clinical Oncology Jobs - An Overview of Oncology in the UK

By Tom Calver
November 15, 2022

In this article: 1. Are there oncology jobs in the UK? 2. What&rsquo... More info

What to expect when working in Ophthalmology in the NHS

By Fern Tithecott
December 23, 2021

Ophthalmology is a mixed medical and surgical specialty. There are many diverse ophthalmological problems encountered in the UK... More info

Diabetes and Endocrinology within the NHS

By Alice Howe
June 30, 2021

Diabetes and endocrinology within the NHS is a varied and interesting specialty combining a mix of complex specialist problems with general internal... More info

FRCPath & CESR - Dr Asar's experience

By Alice Howe
June 16, 2021

BDI Resourcing had the absolute pleasure of speaking with NHS Consultant Histopathologist, Dr Amal Asar. Here... More info

An NHS Career in Palliative Care

By Alice Howe
February 24, 2021

This Blog article aims to provide insight into what working within Palliative Care in the UK is like. As an international recruitment agency... More info

Working in Wales

By Alice Howe
February 17, 2021

Wales is a Country in the South West of the UK and is popular for its beautiful coastline, mountainous national parks and distinctive Welsh language... More info

The 6 most in demand Radiology Interests for NHS Consultants

By Alice Howe
January 27, 2021

  Radiology within the NHS is a Consultant-led specialty. Despite the pivotal role of their work and expertise in modern healthcare... More info

An Interview with Dr Nick Scriven (NHS Acute Med Consultant)

By Alice Howe
December 23, 2020

BDI Resourcing had the pleasure of interviewing Acute Medicine Consultant and the past President of the Society of Acute Medicine... More info

The reasons why you should apply for NHS Geriatric posts!

By Alice Howe
December 09, 2020

  Whilst Geriatrics or Care of the Elderly aren't always recognised as individual specialisms in every healthcare system around the world,... More info

BREXITs effect on Visas and GMC Registration

By Alice Howe
December 02, 2020

On the 31 December 2020, the Brexit transition period will end. This follows the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union (EU). In light of this,... More info

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